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Manufacturer loses pelvic mesh liability lawsuit

Medical malpractice and product liability suits often seem like a David-versus-Goliath style match-up with little assurance of things playing out so well for the underdog. In many cases, victims who suffer serious harm cannot mount a strong legal case against a powerful company or care provider, and are stuck dealing with the aftermath of a faulty device or procedure.

The pre-ride checklist for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists face the worst dangers of anyone on the road. One false move and it can spell disaster for a biker traveling at high speeds down the road. For this reason, bikers need to take every precaution available before they go for a ride.

Don’t say these words when you call the insurance company

Like most other places, driving through Pikeville can sometimes come with unexpected, and unpleasant, surprises. For instance, another driver might run a stop sign and plow into the side of your car while you are in the middle of an intersection. It may seem like a fairly straightforward situation. The other driver is obviously at fault and it should be a simple matter to report the accident to both your insurer and the other driver's.

Commercial trucks pose major risks to passenger vehicles

Motor vehicles are both a boon to society and a massive source of risk and loss. They allow people to live more than a mile or two from the place they work. They provide freedom to engage in all kinds of activities, from socialization to travel. However, they can also cause substantial property damage or death in the event of a crash.

Nearly 2 million Dodge Ram trucks recalled over roll away risk

Consumers depend on manufacturers to ensure that their vehicles and other safety-critical purchases are safe. The bigger the brand name, the more entrenched the expectation that the product in question has faced and passed rigorous safety testing. While that may be true of many products, individual batches of components or minor changes to design may not undergo the same level of safety testing, leaving consumers vulnerable to potential fatal malfunctions.

Minimum coverage insurance policies could cost you more over time

Owning and driving a vehicle isn't cheap. In addition to paying for a loan or lease for the vehicle itself, there are additional fees, like registration and insurance. Combine that with unpredictable gas prices, oil changes and other maintenance, and it all adds up to a substantial sum.

Tips for the new driver in your household

The day is fast approaching when you will have to watch as your teenager pulls out of the driveway and drives off without you. While a complete driver's education course is helpful to get new drivers on the road, the only way your teenager can fully develop defensive driving skills is to practice. This means letting your son or daughter spend time behind the wheel.

Tips to stay safe when working with electrical equipment

Every year, across the country, there are approximately 4,000 workplace injuries that involve electrocution. Many of these injuries can be fatal. Studies have shown that almost every 30 minutes during a typical 8-hour workday, a worker receives an electrical shock severe enough to require time off of work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has put standards in place to reduce the risk of electrical shock, electrocution and fires.

New clinical trial set to determine safety of power morcellators

A woman who has uterine fibroids will usually visit a doctor to discuss what treatment options are available. In some cases, removing the fibroids is necessary. For a period of time, the use of power morcellators looked like a promising option for taking care of this issue. The device enabled the surgeon to preform minimally invasive surgery that had a faster healing time than traditionally surgery.