Truck Load Problems

Lexington Overloaded Truck Accident Lawyers

If you take note of the number of trucks you pass on the highway today, you can imagine that all kinds of cargo will be in them - hopefully it will remain there as you pass.

Many thousands of pounds are riding on a trailer 13 feet tall, more than 40 feet long. Roads are neither level side to side, nor are they without hills, potholes, etc. Accidents happen every day in Kentucky and many involve truck cargo flying off a flatbed trailer or causing the truck to tip over in motion.

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Duty of the Trucker

Cargo should be loaded securely, well-centered, in the right kind of trailer. Top-heavy cargo is more likely to tip over. The bed of a truck trailer is already three to five feet off the ground. Especially when the truck is rounding a corner, cargo can tip and topple it.

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