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May 2016 Archives

Kentucky shopping center barely spared in truck accident

Kentucky drivers often have to worry about sharing the road with large vehicles like delivery trucks. When these trucks get into crashes in urban or suburban areas, it can cause a lot of damage to the surrounding property, and can create concerns for the safety of other drivers, or even pedestrians.

What are common side effects of some pain relievers?

It’s happened to us all. You get a sudden headache, or you stub your toe on a table leg, or you slam your finger in the car door, and now you need to take some pain relievers to help alleviate that discomfort. There are many types of medicine out there for you to use, but unfortunately, some may cause rather severe allergic reactions.

Tire blowout dangers and causes

Drivers in Kentucky all have places to go, and everyone wants to get there as safely as possible. Unfortunately for you, sometimes unexpected problems can throw a wrench into these plans, such as sudden tire blowouts. Here at Gary C. Johnson, we understand the dangers of these explosions and wish to help you understand them, too.

Preventing falling accidents at the workplace

Kentucky employees statewide go to work expecting their safety to be protected as well as possible. Though accidents can sometimes happen, there are measures in place that are meant to keep people safe from falling accidents. If someone falls due to improper implementation of these measures, then it could be considered a wrongful death case.

What is causation?

Medical malpractice suits can get tricky and complicated very quickly. For Kentucky patients like you, this can mean sifting through a lot of legal jargon just to understand what your potential options are. For example, you have likely heard the term causation before, as you pursue your case. But what is it?

Lethal accident with fire engine shuts down Kentucky road

When a driver hits the road in Kentucky, they face the possibility of getting into an accident simply because not every aspect of the road can be controlled and accounted for. The drivers around a person may prove to be unexpected hurdles, or they themselves may make a mistake that can lead to a destructive or deadly crash.

How to fatal motorcycle accidents compare to other vehicles?

In Pennsylvania, sharing the road can also mean sharing responsibility for keeping yourself and the drivers around you safe. This is especially important because not every vehicle offers the same amount of protection. For example, a tractor-trailer driver might have a better chance of getting out of an accident with minimal injury, while motorcyclists have unfortunately high fatality statistics.