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How dangerous are gas leaks?

Kentucky workers and residents alike may deal with gas leaks at some point. They can occur in any indoors location in which gas is being piped through. But just how dangerous can these leaks be? We here at Gary C. Johnson will supply you with information that you need about gas leaks and how they can become potentially lethal threats.

Popular Mechanics recently reported on a gas leak that caused an explosion in a building during winter. This one single leak destroyed two buildings and left two dead. While explosive gas leaks are usually large or long-lived, even the smallest amount of leakage can eventually become dangerous. Explosions are a rare risk but a risk nonetheless, especially because there are cases in which natural gas explodes without any “trigger” such as a fire or an electrical spark. In other cases, sometimes even lighting a cigarette can be enough to result in a blast.

Other issues can include specific dangers related to breathing in deadly fumes. While a gas leak may not be enough to cause an explosion, it can still cause damage to the lungs, nervous systems and overall health of the people who are exposed for an extended period of time.

If you would like to read more about gas leaks and their potential repercussions, you can visit our web page. You will also find more information about the different types of injuries that a person can receive in one of these incidents, which may be beneficial to you.

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