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What should you avoid doing after an accident?

Getting into a crash on Kentucky roads can leave you disoriented, in pain, and panicked. This can put your judgment in a bad place. However, you will need to be attentive and focused in order to handle the aftermath of an accident properly.

How Stuff Works recently published an article detailing things that a driver should absolutely avoid after getting into a crash. One of the main things that it mentions is to keep a level head. Losing your cool and either getting angry or panicking will only make it more difficult for police to figure things out at the scene. Blowing your top at another driver or law enforcement won’t help your case at all. Speaking of law enforcement, don’t forget to call 911. You need to report the accident to avoid any issues that might arise from trying to handle the crash on your own, such as finding that the other person doesn’t have insurance.

You should also follow up on the aftermath of the accident. Take legal action and see it through to the end. Make sure that your body and car are both taken care of, even if they seem fine at the time. Moving on too quickly from an accident just to get it behind you might result in you dealing with even more fallout later down the line. Of course, one final thing you should never do is abandon the scene. This can get you into a lot of trouble with the law when you are found.

Keep these common mistakes in mind while driving. That way, if you do get into an accident, you won’t make the situation harder for yourself.

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