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Why should you give trucks a wide berth?

As a driver in Kentucky, you should be keeping a constant eye on your surroundings. Everything from motorcycles to large trucks with heavy loads could pose potential dangers, and we at Gary C. Johnson wish to help you understand what you can do to avoid potential problems on the road and make your own driving experience safer.

When it comes to heavy load-bearing trucks, there is already a lot of concern among drivers like yourself. These vehicles are large, cumbersome and often carrying thousands of pounds of merchandise or equipment in addition to their own weight. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding why you should give them a generous amount of road space. As an example, there are some cases in which loads aren’t tied down correctly. A wrong turn can send the huge, heavy materials that were being carried careening down the road toward you.

However, accidents relating to the environment are much more common. Roads are full of sudden bends and turns. They are not perfectly smooth and tend to be filled with sudden bumps that a driver so high up might not necessarily see. Speed and truck safety play factors as well, but the truth of the matter is, any truck can be at the potential risk of losing their load or becoming overbalanced and tipping over or crashing.

Even with the best of care, trucks can still be a dangerous partner to share the road with. If you have been caught up in a tip-over or load spilling accident and would like to learn more about what you can do in the aftermath, please visit our web page, which will offer you more information.

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