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Passenger dies in accident on Interstate 24

Motor vehicle accidents are a sad reality of life on Kentucky roads. Even with clear laws and road markings in place to guide drivers and encourage safe operation of vehicles, problems still arise. Sometimes these crashes are caused by the negligence of drunk, drugged or distracted drivers. Sometimes they are caused by road hazards. In other situations, it can be difficult to know exactly what precipitates a particular action that leads to an accident.

Reports of a recent car accident along a stretch of Interstate 24 provide no details about why the driver believed to be at fault did what she did. What is known is that two vehicles were driving in adjacent lanes heading west along the highway when the driver in the righthand lane turned to the left. The manner of the turn seemed to indicate that she was wanting to change her direction and head east instead of west. The maneuver resulted in her vehicle colliding with one in the lane to her left.

The woman driving the car in the right lane was taken by air to a hospital in Evansville. Her passenger, a 72-year-old woman, was killed in the accident and declared dead where the crash occured.

No matter the reason for crashes like these, the need for victims to seek compensation remains valid at all time. Kentucky residents may learn how to do this by talking with an experienced lawyer who knows how to navigate motor vehicle accident claims.

Source:, "Louisville woman killed in Lyon County car crash," Sept. 3, 2016

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