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What do you do if you detect a gas leak?

Kentucky residents such as yourself should be aware of the signs of a gas leak in your home. That way, you can react quickly if you realize something is wrong, thus avoiding prolonged exposure, injury and potential explosions. But what exactly should be done after a gas leak is detected?

Eon Energy starts by saying that it is best for you to act as soon as you smell gas or otherwise have reason to believe that there is a leak. Precautionary measures to avoid explosions should immediately be taken. For example, don’t use electronic devices or naked flames. Don’t smoke or light any matches. Avoid using your phone as well. Either use a neighbor’s phone or wait until you are outside before calling for help.

If possible, be sure to open your windows and doors. Only do this if you cannot hear the gas leak and the smell of gas isn’t too overpowering. Avoid using the restroom since this can trigger even more gas to flood your home. If you know how to turn the gas supply off at the meter, do that as well. Call professional help immediately. You may check the gas sources in your home after you turn the meter off if you feel safe enough to do so, but otherwise, evacuate the premise and take everyone with you.

Follow these steps and you will be able to avoid being caught up in any possible explosions. You will also avoid extended exposure, which can cause lung damage and more.

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