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March 2017 Archives

When a mining accident claims a life

Mining is a very dangerous job. It seems like every time an accident happens, it is never minor. Support collapses, cave-ins and exposure to toxic gas are just a few of the hazards that lurk in mining tunnels. Unfortunately, all too often workers lose their lives due to accidents that could have been avoided if mining companies followed and enforced safety regulations.

Kentucky accident raises questions about safety of roadway design and use

A school bus accident in Scott County is reportedly raising questions about the safety of a stretch of highway long known to be dangerous. The accident, which occurred last week, involved a school bus that was travelling along a narrow stretch of road when one of its mirrors was clipped off and a window broken by a commercial garbage truck utilizing a local landfill.

Product liability litigation could increase as driverless technology spreads, P.2

In our last post, we mentioned that the increasing use of automatic driving technology is raising important questions about liability in the event that cars equipped with the technology are involved in accidents. Already such litigation is occurring, as in the case of Tesla “autopilot” accidents. Autopilot is, contrary to what might be assumed, not fully automated technology, but driver assist technology. In other words, it requires driver supervision and potential correction, and the driver, ironically, can’t just go on autopilot.

Product liability litigation could increase as driverless technology spreads, P.1

Automatic driving technology is becoming increasingly common in new vehicles. There are a lot of permutations to the concept, with various features and systems that have been developed and which are under development. Recognizing the growing technology, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has adopted the SAE International schematic, which identifies a handful of categories from less automation to more.

Are you having mood swings at work after a traumatic brain injury?

It's a week after your car crash. You're still feeling groggy and headachy after hitting your head on the steering wheel, but you decided to go into the office, and you're sitting at your desk. Then, your boss comes to ask about the report you promised to have done yesterday.

President Trump’s regulatory reforms could impact truck safety regulations

Truck safety regulations, as we’ve previously written on this blog, provide important protections for motorists, not only by helping to increase highway safety, but also in providing a basis on which truck accident victims are able to hold negligent truck drivers accountable for injuries and fatalities. Naturally, the trucking industry tends to be opposed to truck safety regulations, and they may have found a new friend in President Donald Trump.