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June 2018 Archives

What laws apply to pedestrians in Kentucky?

Just as drivers who take to Lexington's roads must follow the laws that apply to operating motor vehicles, so too must pedestrians follow the laws when they traverse roads, highways and other thoroughfares designed for cars, trucks and vans. While most of the rules that apply to pedestrians are designed to keep everyone on the roads safe, the laws also dictate prohibited conduct that drivers may not engage in and that may create dangerous hazards for pedestrians.

Always carefully review a settlement offer after a crash

If you pay your insurance premium on time and in full every month, you may believe that your insurance company will do everything it can to support you in the wake of a serious collision. Sadly, many people learn the hard way that this is not always the case. After a major accident involving injuries, you need to carefully examine all offers made by your insurance company.

Pedestrian deaths are a problem in Lexington

When drivers get into their cars, they are responsible for ensuring that they follow the rules of the road, avoid distractions and operate their vehicles while exercising their duty of care to others. It is no small feat for a driver to get to their intended destination without incident, since accidents and collisions are relatively common occurrences on Kentucky roads. Accidents happen with other vehicles, but less commonly they occur between vehicles and pedestrians.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by inattentive drivers

Now that spring is in full bloom and the summer months are right around the corner, Kentucky residents may be ready to completely say goodbye to their cold weather gear and prepare for some fun in the sun. While some may ditch their coats and boots for shorts and flip flops, others may embrace other signs of improving weather conditions.

Are pedestrian accidents common?

A pedestrian accident happens when a vehicle collides with a human being. Not long ago the story of a pedestrian accident made national headlines when a Broadway star, her family and friends were struck by a moving car and two children and an unborn baby lost their lives in the incident. The devastation inflicted on families and victims through pedestrian accidents is great but for some readers of this Kentucky personal injury blog questions may arise regarding just how common these tragedies really are.

Cars with keyless ignitions may pose hazard for Kentucky drivers

When a product is designed well and performs as it should, it should not normally cause harm or injury to people who as using it as it is intended to be used. However, sometimes a product performs a little too well and, without some sort of a failsafe mechanism, has the potential to injure its user. This appears to be the case with the keyless ignitions that are now standard in more than half of the 17 million new cars delivered in the United States each year. It is not that the cars themselves are defective, but they suffer from defective vehicle designs that fail to account for the potential dangers posed by the keyless ignitions.

Be prepared for defenses to motor vehicle accident claims

After a car accident, a Kentucky resident may find themselves with medical bills, pain and a host of other accident-related damages. They may wish to sue the party that caused them to be put into such a difficult position and with the help of an attorney, they may file a cogent pleading that outlines their case and supports it with facts. However, after the receiving party has been given sufficient time to respond the victim may discover that the party they accused of wrongdoing plans to fight to claims lodged against them.