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Products Liability Archives

Recognizing defects in the design of unsafe products

It is not unusual for product manufacturers to release new designs for the items they make. This is because it is in the interest of sellers to keep their products up to date and competitive with what their competitors have available on the market. When a Kentucky resident must replace something that they have purchased, a manufacturer will hope that the consumer will re-buy what they are replacing and will attempt to entice them with a modernized and improved design.

Guardsman discovers tire defect on military vehicles

A concerned Kentucky guardsman made an important discovery while executing his duties as the Chief Warrant Officer for the 203rd Forward Support Company. He was examining tires and vehicles as part of his duties when he noted cracks and defects in many of the tires. He noted that all of the affected tires were at least five years old and that sidewall cracks could lead to tire blowouts and accidents for impacted vehicles.

What is a 'mass tort' for products liability purposes?

Consumer products are often subjected to significant safety evaluations and tests to make sure that they are not harmful to the individuals who use them. Even after a product is tested and sent out into the market, though, a Kentucky resident may suffer an injury or other loss due to defects in the product's design, manufacturing or warnings. If enough people are harmed by the same product and in the same way, all of their legal actions may be grouped together into a mass tort.

Cars with keyless ignitions may pose hazard for Kentucky drivers

When a product is designed well and performs as it should, it should not normally cause harm or injury to people who as using it as it is intended to be used. However, sometimes a product performs a little too well and, without some sort of a failsafe mechanism, has the potential to injure its user. This appears to be the case with the keyless ignitions that are now standard in more than half of the 17 million new cars delivered in the United States each year. It is not that the cars themselves are defective, but they suffer from defective vehicle designs that fail to account for the potential dangers posed by the keyless ignitions.

Concentrated caffeine products being taken off of the market

Coffee is a popular morning drink for many Kentucky residents. Some enjoy the warm feeling of the mug in their hands, while others may enjoy breathing in the earthy smell of a fresh cup of joe. However, for most people, the biggest draw of coffee is the stimulating boost of energy they experience as the liquid's caffeine content gets into their bodies.

Manufacturing defects can cause harm to consumers

Many of the products that Kentucky residents bring home from their favorite stores are made and manufactured in large industrial complexes. These complexes have found ways to mechanize the processes of putting together the goods that Americans want and need. Many reviews and considerations are made to ensure that manufacturing processes are safe and pose no threat to the people who will buy the manufactured products.

Legislator proposes bill to warn of chemicals in kids' toiletries

Many little girls in Kentucky enjoy opening up their mothers' make-up kits and playing with the fantastic supplies found therein. From lipsticks and eye shadows to concealers and mascaras, make-up products have been developed to enhance the natural beauty that women already possess. Because they are so popular with women and girls of all ages, many companies have developed make-up products for children to use for play and pretend.

Ford trucks recalled due to dangerous airbag components

Takata airbags have been in the news for quite a while as literally millions of vehicles have been affected by the defective components they contain. Kentucky drivers from across the state have had to take their vehicles in to have the dangerous parts removed and have safe components placed therein. Just recently, another make and model of vehicle was announced as containing the defective and deadly Takata airbags.

Be on the lookout for dangerous holiday product

Christmas has come and gone and now residents of Kentucky may possess more products than then did only a few short days ago. While many of the gifts that individuals received will add enjoyment and comfort to their lives, others may possess dangers that their owners are not able to immediately identify.

Why are some prescriptions drugs considered dangerous?

When a Kentucky doctor prescribes a medication to their patient, they make an educated decision to treat the patient's ailment with the selected pharmaceutical. In their best estimation, the doctor believes that the selected drug will remedy the patient's health problems. Some prescription medications carry with them known side effects, and, when making a drug selection, a doctor may elect to prescribe a drug with side effects if the benefits outweigh the potential for harm to the patient.