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Posts tagged "Motor Vehicle Accidents"

Does the 'seat belt defense' apply in Kentucky?

It is generally a good idea for the driver and passengers in a motor vehicle to wear their seat belts. These safety features are standard pieces of equipment provided in practically every new vehicle and can be used to limit the amount of movement a person experiences in the event that their vehicle is involved in a crash. Certain jurisdictions throughout the United States allow individuals to create a defense regard an alleged victim's failure to wear a seat belt, and this post will explain the rationale behind this defense and whether it is available in Kentucky.

What not to do after a motor vehicle accident

After a vehicle collision there are some important steps that Kentucky residents should take to ensure that their health and safety is protected as well as to protect themselves from legal liability. However, there are also several things that they should not do in the wake of a vehicle accident. This post does not provide any legal guidance or advice to its readers but does highlight some practices that may not serve individuals' interests after they have been involved in motor vehicle crashes.

What laws apply to pedestrians in Kentucky?

Just as drivers who take to Lexington's roads must follow the laws that apply to operating motor vehicles, so too must pedestrians follow the laws when they traverse roads, highways and other thoroughfares designed for cars, trucks and vans. While most of the rules that apply to pedestrians are designed to keep everyone on the roads safe, the laws also dictate prohibited conduct that drivers may not engage in and that may create dangerous hazards for pedestrians.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by inattentive drivers

Now that spring is in full bloom and the summer months are right around the corner, Kentucky residents may be ready to completely say goodbye to their cold weather gear and prepare for some fun in the sun. While some may ditch their coats and boots for shorts and flip flops, others may embrace other signs of improving weather conditions.

Be prepared for defenses to motor vehicle accident claims

After a car accident, a Kentucky resident may find themselves with medical bills, pain and a host of other accident-related damages. They may wish to sue the party that caused them to be put into such a difficult position and with the help of an attorney, they may file a cogent pleading that outlines their case and supports it with facts. However, after the receiving party has been given sufficient time to respond the victim may discover that the party they accused of wrongdoing plans to fight to claims lodged against them.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit for a vehicle accident?

It only takes a moment for a life-altering car accident to change the course of a Kentucky resident's life. However, they may spend the rest of their days coping with their injuries and resulting disabilities. As they learn to live with the limitations that have been put on their physical and emotional health, they may contemplate legal action against the party or parties whose negligence caused them to suffer.

What is whiplash and how can it happen during a car accident?

Anyone who has ever slept "funny" on their pillow or turned their head too fast to one side may have experienced the excruciating pain of a neck injury. From pulled muscles to slipped vertebrae, damage to the neck can be debilitating and agonizing. However, there is one type of neck injury that is common to car accident victims and may be familiar to readers of this Kentucky personal injury blog: whiplash.

Children are often the victims of pedestrian accidents

Kentucky parents do their best to teach their children how to be safe. One of the biggest lessons that they try to impart to their kids is how to safely cross the street. However, even when a child has been well coached on stopping, looking both ways and listening for traffic, tragic incidents can occur. This post will discuss the responsibility of drivers to avoid dangerous pedestrian accidents with children.

What is negligence and will it affect a car accident case?

Accidents are common in Kentucky and often happen when individuals are not paying attention to what they are doing. A person may walk into another individual if they have their eyes diverted down to their cell phone as they move; a driver may cause a car accident if they are more focused on changing their music than on the traffic that is stopped in front of them.

Motorcycle accidents present real dangers to victims

Motorcycles are not uncommon on Kentucky roads and many individuals use these two-wheeled vehicles to get them from home to work and to everywhere in between. In fact, some drivers prefer riding their motorcycles to driving their cars for the freedom that motorcycles offer in terms of experiencing nature while undertaking their daily commutes.