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Posts tagged "auto accident"

Stay alert when driving near semitrucks

You have passed hundreds if not thousands of them during the time you have been driving on Kentucky highways. Semitrucks can be found on almost every highway, interstate and even some city roads from coast to coast. You may be so accustomed to seeing them, that they simply blend into the other traffic you pass on a daily basis.

Reducing incidents of distracted driving in Kentucky

While behavior like checking a text or having a quick snack while driving does not seem harmful and does not always end in disaster, the chances of a car accident increase when a motorist is distracted. Distracted driving injures more than 1,153 people in the United States each day, and drivers in Kentucky can take steps to stop driving while distracted in order to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Skull fractures in car accidents

One possible outcome of a car accident or any other severe, trauma-inducing incident is a skull fracture. Kentucky residents might benefit from being aware of the physical characteristics of a skull fracture, the long-term prognosis for healing or debility and the legal ramifications of such an injury.

New technology to avoid vehicle accidents

Kentucky drivers may know that accidents sometimes happen due to delayed reaction time. There are technologies available that alert the driver to unexpected conditions or help maintain vehicle stability. While such features are offered as options, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is being urged to institute updated standards, obligating carmakers to make such technologies mandatory in new vehicles.

Costs of car accidents

Car accidents in Kentucky create many costs, the greatest of which is the human life that is lost. According to a nationwide study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 33,561 people were killed in car accidents in 2012. On average, this number means that about 92 people died in the United States each day in 2012 as a result of a car accident.