Sound Legal Advice About Gall Bladder Surgical Errors

At the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., our lawyers use their experience with medical malpractice litigation to help people who have been injured or disabled in gall bladder surgery. Errors in procedures on the gall bladder can lead to injuries to the biliary tract, including severing the common bile duct.

If you need advice about your options following surgical mistakes in gall bladder procedures, contact a medical malpractice attorney at any of our four Kentucky offices — Pikeville, Hazard, Louisville or Lexington.

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In evaluating claims for medical negligence in gall bladder surgery, we work closely with medical experts, including laparoscopic surgeons, in order to find out whether an avoidable error was responsible for the unfortunate outcome.

Kentucky law requires that medical malpractice victims support their claims of negligence against doctors with an opinion from medical professionals who are qualified to give an opinion regarding the standard of care. Our firm will have your case reviewed by a qualified expert prior to filing a legal action on your behalf.

If our medical experts believe that sufficient evidence exists to prove that your injuries or complications directly resulted from a departure from the standard of care by your medical providers, we'll proceed with the investigation of your case in the following situations:

  • Injury to the biliary tract
  • Injury to the common bile duct
  • Misdiagnosis leading to improper decisions to remove the gall bladder
  • Burns or cuts to surrounding tissue
  • Infections acquired during the surgery or postoperative recovery
  • Complications caused or made worse by premature discharge from the hospital, especially following laparoscopic procedures

At the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., our approach to client service means not only that you can depend on us for honest advice about the merit and value of your claims, but also that we will help you through all the practical complications your medical problems might mean for you and your family.

To learn more about our experience with gall bladder surgical errors in Kentucky, contact one of our lawyers in Pikeville, Louisville, Hazard or Lexington.