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Pikeville Personal Injury Lawyer

Sustaining personal injuries can be incredibly disruptive in the lives of victims and their families, especially when those injuries are serious. Recovering compensation from someone whose wrongful conduct caused your injuries may not be your top priority when your injuries are severe and you are focused on your physical recovery, but the attorneys at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., know that it should be a priority.

Financial security for unexpected expenses is important for you and your family. A serious injury can often lead to significant medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other financial damages. A Pikeville personal injury attorney at our firm will get to work on your financial recovery while you continue to concentrate on your physical recovery.

Why Choose Gary C. Johnson | Attorneys at Law, P.S.C.?

  • Founding attorney Gary C. Johnson has spent more than 40 years representing those who have suffered personal injuries due to another person’s negligence or recklessness. His knowledge and experience have led to substantial financial recoveries for his personal injury clients including multimillion-dollar compensations.
  • Our Pikeville personal injury lawyers work to help every client recover physically, emotionally, and financially. These cases are personal to our attorneys and that is why they pursue maximum compensation for each of their personal injury clients. Our law office will always have your best interests at heart.
  • In an effort to keep your expenses low, our attorneys take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis and they advance all case-related expenses. You will not pay any attorneys’ fees until we have helped you successfully secure financial compensation for your claim.

Types Of Personal Injuries We Handle

Our Pikeville personal injury lawyers handle all types of personal injury cases, including:

Each client’s personal injury experience is unique and injury effects on our clients and their families are also unique. After an injury, families may have financial struggles due to medical expenses and missed work. Long-term medical treatment and rehabilitation may be required and when injuries lead to permanent disabilities, families may be facing a lifetime of medical costs and limited earning capacity.

Proving Liability In Pikeville After an Injury Occurs

Determining liability after an injury occurs in Pikeville is an important part of the process of recovering compensation. However, the burden of determining liability does not necessarily have to fall to the victim of the incident. We strongly encourage injury victims to work with a skilled Pikeville personal injury lawyer who can walk them through this entire process.

Liability is determined by examining evidence, and the type of evidence available for each particular incident will vary. For example, evidence needed to prove liability for a vehicle accident claim will look different than evidence needed to prove a slip and fall case. Some of the most common types of evidence used to determine liability in an injury claim include:

  • Statements from those involved
  • Statements from eyewitnesses to the incident
  • Photograph taken of the injury scene
  • Video surveillance footage
  • Accident or police reports

There will most likely be other types of evidence used to determine liability. Depending on the type of injury claim, this other type of evidence could include mobile device data, property owner safety and maintenance records, vehicle data recording devices, employment records, and more.

Types of Compensation for a Pikeville Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury victims in Pikeville may be able to recover various types of compensation for their losses. At Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., we work diligently to recover economic and non-economic damages on behalf of every client we assist.

  • Economic damages. After a personal injury occurs, victims are likely to sustain various types of measurable losses. “Measurable” means the damages are calculable by using receipts, invoices, and bills that come in after the initial incident occurs. Some of the most common types of economic losses associated with a Pikeville personal injury claim include:
    • Emergency medical expenses
    • Ongoing hospital and doctor costs
    • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
    • Medical devices and prescription medications
    • Lost income if a victim is unable to work
    • Out-of-pocket expenses are rising due to the incident
    • Property damage expenses
  • Non-economic damages. These types of losses are not as calculable as the economic damages just mentioned, but they are just as important. Even though there may not be receipts or bills that can adequately add up a victim’s physical and emotional pain and suffering or loss of quality of life, there are ways to calculate these losses and recover compensation in a personal injury claim.

How Much Compensation Will You Receive?

There is no set amount of compensation available for personal injury victims if their claim is successful. Every injury case is different, and various factors can influence how much is paid out in a settlement or jury verdict. Some of the main factors influencing compensation amounts include:

  • The severity of the injuries
  • Length of the recovery time
  • Whether or not a victim is able to work
  • Insurance policy monetary limitations
  • Issues of shared fault

We encourage you to speak to your personal injury lawyer in Pikeville to gain an understanding of how much compensation to expect for your particular situation. Your lawyer will likely not be able to give you an exact dollar figure because these cases can be unpredictable, but you may be able to get a ballpark estimate.

Deadline for Filing an Injury Claim in Pikeville

Personal injury victims in Pikeville must file their claims quickly. contact us immediately to discuss as deadlines do apply under Kentucky law to pursue the personal injury claims. This is a much quicker deadline than other states across the country, so we encourage injury victims in the Pikeville area to reach out to a skilled personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

Steps to Take After Sustaining an Injury

There are various steps that injury victims in the Pikeville area can take to help ensure their physical well-being as well as the integrity of their injury claim. We understand that the hours and days after an injury occurs can be chaotic and confusing, but we encourage you to do your best to take the following steps:

  1. Seek medical treatment. Prompt medical treatment can make an injury case. Individuals need to seek medical care even if the signs and symptoms of their injuries have not appeared after an incident. Often, hidden injuries crop up hours or days after the initial injury incident. Seeking immediate medical treatment not only helps ensure the victim’s well-being but also helps maintain the integrity of the injury claim.
  2. Report the incident. Depending on the type of incident that occurs, there may be various parties to report the incident to. For example, after a vehicle accident, law enforcement officials need to be notified so they can come fill out an accident report. Workplace injuries need to be reported to a supervisor or the employer quickly. No matter where the injury occurs, there will likely be some sort of reporting process that needs to be undertaken.
  3. Obtain as much evidence as possible. Injury victims should gather and preserve as much evidence as possible related to the incident. This could include using a phone to take photographs of the accident scene and injuries, gathering video surveillance footage from surrounding cameras, and obtaining eyewitness contact information.
  4. Contact a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer in Pikeville can step in quickly and help further the investigation and evidence-gathering process. An attorney will take over all communication with other parties, including negotiations with insurance carriers.
  5. Continue medical treatment. We encourage all personal injury victims to continue the medical treatments recommended by their healthcare professionals. Discontinuing care before a doctor recommends doing so could jeopardize an injury claim, along with an injury victim’s health and well-being. Treatment should be continued until a doctor says the person has reached maximum medical improvement.

How a Pikeville Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Our experienced Pikeville personal injury attorneys have an extensive network of experts that we call upon to help prove cause and injuries in personal injury claims. Depending on case circumstances, experts may be necessary for medical opinions, accident reconstruction, financial valuation and projections for damages, mental health evaluation, and vocational experts to evaluate long-term work prospects for injured plaintiffs. Experts are a critical component of successful personal injury claims. They may be needed to provide consultation services, evaluate injuries and damages, interpret content in records and reports, and to offer testimony at trial.

Our law firm also handles everything involving insurance companies. After you or your loved one’s injury, an insurance company will try to downplay your damages and offer you a low-ball settlement. We will not let that happen. Our law office has years of experience dealing with insurance companies and we know how best to negotiate and navigate through their processes.

Contact Our Injury Lawyers in Pikeville Today

As mentioned, every personal injury case is unique and so are the resulting injuries and damages. That is why we tailor our representation to meet our clients’ unique needs. If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone else’s wrongful conduct, contact a Pikeville personal injury lawyer at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., to go over your claim and injuries sustained. Our law firm offers a free personal injury consultation to review your case and discuss your legal options. We care about our clients and will work to see that you recover full compensation for your personal injury claim. Serious injuries deserve a serious law firm.