Lead still found in unsafe products, including hair products

When it comes to public safety, lead has been identified as a potentially dangerous metal that can have negative health consequences for those who are exposed to it. Many common items used in American homes used to contain lead. Readers of this Kentucky personal injury blog may be surprised to find out that certain personal care items still contain lead, presenting dangers to users of those care products.

In a recent decision the Food and Drug Administration determined that hair coloring products must stop using lead as an ingredient. Certain hair care products, such as those that advertise that they slowly reduce gray hairs and replace them with darker ones, have used lead because the metal is effective at sticking to hair and allowing for the build-up of color.

Major holidays increase your risk of a drunk driving crash

You may think that your risk for a drunk driving crash is low because you don't get behind the wheel after drinking. However, the people whom you share the road with may not be as responsible as you are. It is tragically common for drunk drivers to cause crashes that result in severe injuries or even kill the sober people in the other vehicles involved.

You could encounter a drunk driver any time of day and any day of the year. However, there are certain times and dates that carry more risk than others. Right after the bars close, typically at 2 a.m., is a dangerous time to be on the road, because those leaving the bars are out driving as well.

Can manufacturing defects lead to a products liability claim?

There are several different ways that products can be considered defective. Recently this Lexington personal injury blog discussed how defects in instructions and warnings can render products dangerous to those who use them. Additionally, defects in the designs of products can introduce unexpected dangers into the lives of the consumers who purchase the problematic goods. Finally, products can be rendered dangerous when they are manufactured with flaws and defects.

A manufacturing defect is different from a design defect because it does not necessarily affect every product of a certain design that makes its way through the manufacturing process. For example, a design defect can make all products of that design dangerous. A manufacturing defect, on the other hand, occurs when a mistake happens in the production of a product and the defect renders the individual product unit defective.

Study shares findings regarding Traumatic Brain Injury

As readers of this blog know, traumatic brain injury can be one of the most difficult outcomes of an unexpected accident, especially when caused by another's negligence. Doctors are researchers are still attempting to better understand TBI, the long-term effects and how to provide the best possible care. On this, a new study provides some important information that could lead to improvements in all three areas.

A recent article from Science Daily shared these new findings from a team of researchers. The group undertook a study of the factors associated with mortality where someone who suffered from a traumatic brain injury died more than a year after suffering the injury. The scientists looked at a group of physical, psycho-social and cognitive outcomes of those with TBI, comparing them to those without the serious injury.

Are you familiar with the most common causes of car accidents?

Operating a motor vehicle is a big responsibility. If you make a mistake or break the law, it could result in a serious accident that causes damage, injury and even death.

Unfortunately, even if you understand how to stay safe as a driver, it doesn't mean that everyone else will take the same approach. There will always be people who don't drive with safety in mind.

How can an unsafe product's warning be defective and dangerous?

There may be a warning on any new product that a Lexington resident brings home from the store. On games and toys there may be warnings about choking hazards for small children, and on kitchen and home appliances there may be warnings about sharp edges or risks of electrocution. The makers of products are bound to give consumers information about the goods that they buy so that those individuals understand the dangers that may be present in their new purchase.

However, not all consumer products are sold with warnings that sufficiently describe the types of harm that the items can inflict upon unsuspecting purchasers. In fact, warnings can be defective if they not only fail to warn consumers about latent dangers but also fail to provide consumers with directions on how to safely use their products.

Wrongful death damages and the age of a victim

It is often the case that when a wage-earning individual loses their life due to the negligent actions of another, their loved ones may be able to pursue damages based on the lost earnings of the deceased party. The spouse, children and other dependents who counted on the victim's wages may suffer financially due to the victim's death. In Kentucky and other jurisdictions these types of losses may be appropriate in the wake of a wrongful death incident.

However, when a non-wage earning victim is killed in such an event, the damages available to their relations may be different. For example, when a retiree is killed in a motor vehicle crash, they may have no earnings on which to base a claim for lost wages. The same may hold true when a child becomes the victim of a wrongful death accident as they generally will not have any work history or income on which to base such a claim.

Can bicyclists in Kentucky sue if they are hit by a car?

Collisions between vehicles and bicycles can cause serious injuries and physical trauma. As with all accidents involving motor vehicles, careful analyses should be undertaken to determine to what extent the parties to the crash were the cause of the accident. Kentucky residents who are hurt when their bicycles are hit by cars, trucks and vans may have the option to sue for their accident-related losses.

A driver who is reckless or negligent and who crashes into a bicyclist may be responsible for compensating the injured party for the losses they suffered in the crash. Demonstrating proof in a bicycle accident case is similar to that of showing proof in a standard vehicle crash, with many elements of the claims in common between the two forms of harm.

What can you do to remain safe on your holiday road trip?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be making your travel plans. When doing so, you could come to find that you'll be behind the wheel for quite a few hours.

It can be great fun to take a road trip during the holidays, but only if you remain safe from start to finish. The last thing you want is to run into trouble on the road, as this can turn one of the most exciting times of the year into a living nightmare.

Motorcycle accident injuries can be catastrophic

Although a motorcycle may be a fast and fun way for a Lexington driver to do their daily commute, individuals who ride on motorcycles face a number of dangers that are not present for those who travel in standard motor vehicles. This post will examine just a few of the reasons that motorcycle accidents and injuries can be so catastrophic and why individuals who are involved in them often suffer substantial harm.

One of the most basic reasons that motorcycle accidents often end in injuries or death is because motorcycles lack protective features to keep their riders safe. For example, while a car may have a structure to protect a driver during a collision as well as seatbelts, airbags and other features, motorcycles have none of these. There is nothing between a motorcycle rider and the road, so when they are thrown from their vehicles, motorcycle riders can suffer grievous harm.

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