How may the Dutch Reach help prevent auto-bicycle accidents?

Collisions between bicycles and cars happen in a number of ways, but one of the more common and dangerous scenarios that can lead to bicycle accidents is dooring. Dooring happens when a driver parallel parks their car and then opens their door into the road and into the path of a bicyclist. While only the bicyclist is moving in a dooring accident, the results can be devastating and even deadly.

Kentucky residents may have heard of an initiative to prevent these tragic occurrences. Termed the "Dutch Reach," this practice involves the use of a driver's inside arm and hand to open their door. When a driver uses their right hand and body to open their door, they must swivel their entire body to the left and can look over their left shoulder to see if a bike is coming.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

The brain is a vital component of the human body. In the brain many different bodily processes are controlled, from a person's ability to use their senses to their abilities to move and control their bodies. When the brain is healthy, the systems of the body may work without issue. However, when a Kentucky resident suffers a traumatic brain injury, their whole body may be affected by the harm.

A traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain is forcibly struck against the inner skull, causing damage. Many traumatic brain injuries are caused by common personal injury accidents like motor vehicle crashes and slip and fall incidents. However, traumatic brain injuries can also result from penetrations, such as when a projectile penetrates the skull and harms the brain inside.

Ongoing Takata airbag recall shows risks of auto defects clearly

You depend on the proper performance of certain systems in your vehicle for your safety. The failure of certain systems, such as the airbag, could leave you incredibly vulnerable while driving, especially if you do end up in a crash.

Unfortunately, defective vehicle components can and do wind up inside mainstream manufacturers' most popular models. The ongoing drama of the Takata airbag recall is certainly evidence of how even the best brands can make a mistake in safety testing or when partnering with a component manufacturer.

Not every car accident claim should be settled

The decision to settle a pending motor vehicle accident claim will depend on many factors. Individuals who find themselves in the position to decide if they should settle their claims or litigate them should always seek independent legal counsel from attorneys who practice personal injury law. This post offers no advice to Kentucky residents or other readers of this blog. Instead, it is merely informative in nature as legal professionals in this field are well-suited to advise their clients on their rights and options.

A settlement remedies a pending claim out of court. It does not require a person to appear before a judge in order to receive a financial payout for their losses. It does, however, often require a car accident victim to release the person who caused their injuries from future claims that may arise from their crash.

Important considerations when negotiating an insurance claim

Carrying motor vehicle insurance is a legal obligation for people who live in Kentucky. However, it is also an important financial protection against the potential fallout of a major car crash. A motor vehicle collision can leave you with a lot of medical bills, as well as vehicle repair costs and the lost income from missed work due to injuries.

You will likely need to work with the insurance company to secure compensation after a collision. Many insurance companies will offer lump-sum compensation in the form of an up front settlement after a crash. If you want to make informed decisions about an insurance settlement offer, you have to ask yourself a few questions first.

What is an unavoidably unsafe product?

Most consumer products are designed with safety in mind and attention to the manufacturing processes that are used to create them. Companies may spend considerable amounts of time reviewing and preparing warning statements and instructions to make sure that consumers know how to safely use their goods. When a Kentucky resident buys a new item from their favorite store, they may be confident that it will work correctly and that it won't pose a risk to their safety.

However, some products, even when designed properly and manufactured correctly, will be dangerous. That is because they are considered unavoidably unsafe. In order for a product to be deemed unavoidably unsafe it must meet several criteria.

Compensation for medical damages after a motor vehicle accident

A car accident can bring to a halt many of the plans and goals that a Kentucky resident has for their future. The injuries that a person can suffer when they are hurt by a reckless or irresponsible driver can be extensive, costly and disabling. Victims of these serious forms of motor vehicle accidents may choose to sue for their damages to make themselves whole.

One of the most prevalent forms of damages that motor vehicle accident victims accumulate is medical expenses. Even when a victim's injuries are minor they may still have to seek out medical help to ensure that their condition is not worse than it appears. Because of this, there are many types of costs that may be included in a victim's pleading for medical damages.

Understanding the severity of auto-pedestrian collisions

Now that the Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, Kentucky residents may be gearing up for summer. Those plans may include spending more time outdoors so that individuals can enjoy the warmth and sun that comes with the turn of the season. As more people choose to ride their bikes, walk to work and play at parks, they may discover that they are having more encounters with vehicles on the roads.

Vehicles and pedestrians must share the roads so that everyone can stay safe when they are in each other's vicinity. Rules apply to both parties and everyone must act reasonably to keep each other out of harm's way. However, drivers must exercise their duty of care when behind the wheel of their vehicle to avoid the tragic and sometimes deadly accidents that happen when they hit pedestrians.

Elements of a defective motor vehicle products liability claim

Products liability claims walk a fine line between consumer protection law and personal injury law. On one hand, a product may be defective and may not be what a consumer intended to purchase when they acquired it. On the other hand, the defect that the product suffers from may make the product dangerous to the consumer who uses it.

Products liability claims can be based off all kinds of defective products, including vehicles. When a car or truck suffers from a design, manufacturing or warning defect, it may be recalled by its maker so that the issue can be remedied. However, it is often the case the victims are hurt before these defects are discovered and families in Kentucky and elsewhere are suffering from the financial and emotional challenges of coping with serious injuries caused by the defective vehicle.

Motor vehicle accidents more common in light rain than expected

Kentucky drivers will be abundantly aware of the dangers on the road when the weather is poor. Heavy rain, snow, hail and other weather events can make the roads treacherous for everyone. However, there is a frequent perception that only heavy rain and other significant events are risky. As a recent study shows, that is not the case. Light rain will also place people in jeopardy of catastrophic injuries and fatalities. For those who have been hurt or lost a loved one in accidents under these circumstances, understanding how their future will be impacted is a must.

According to the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies, there is a 34% greater chance of a car accident when there is a precipitation event. If it is raining lightly, it is a 27% greater chance. The author of the study says that this can be limited to a drizzle where people who are walking debate whether to use an umbrella or not.

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