Losing a limb due to an accident can have severe complications

Traumatic injuries can leave Kentucky residents with injuries to their bones, soft tissue and vital organs. Depending upon the harm they suffer, men, women, and children can be forced to live their lives with permanent disfigurement, worsened health, and serious health-related complications. A possible catastrophic injury that can affect victims of car accidents and other negligence-based incidents is the loss of a victim's limb.

A person's limbs are their arms and legs, and these appendages can be severely injured in traumatic events. From time to time doctors must remove or amputate victims' limbs in order to save their lives; the removal of a limb due to an accident can introduce a host of complications into the victim's life.

Recalled blood pressure medication had traces of carcinogen

When your doctor recommends a drug to you, you take it because you trust your doctor's opinion. After all, your doctor has undoubtedly looked over the research and determined that the drug is safe and could benefit you. They likely also know the reputation of certain medications, as well as the reputation of the pharmaceutical company that developed the drug.

Unfortunately, drugmakers don't always adhere to the most rigorous standards. While your doctor may have been right about the potential benefits of the drug, the medication itself could end up having impurities or other issues that lead to other medical issues for you as the patient.

How recklessness may lead to a wrongful death

Negligence is often the cause of the many injury-causing accidents that happen throughout Kentucky. Whether those accidents occur on the roads, at workplaces or in retail centers, the failure of a person to act reasonably given their circumstances is often the basis of their victim's civil legal claims. From time to time, though, individuals conduct themselves in a manner even more careless and defiant that negligence does not adequately describe their conduct.

Recklessness is often identified as a cause of injuries when it can be said that the acting party knew or should have known that their conduct would cause others harm. It is an unfortunate truth that victims of recklessness-based accidents can suffer serious personal injuries and that some may even lose their lives.

Why is winter weather hazardous for driving?

Although Kentucky residents do not always get slammed with massive winter storms like their neighbors to the north and east, cities like Louisville and Lexington see their fair share of snow and ice whenever winter rolls around. While some children and even some adults love to see snow on the ground when the holidays are near, for many these forms of precipitation are hazards that must be dealt with when driver are out on local roads.

Snow, ice, and other winter precipitation can make roads difficult to drive and traffic hard to navigate. They can reduce friction and cause vehicles to lose traction on the roads due to their slick surfaces. To accommodate slippery roads, drivers often must lower their speeds during winter to prevent accidents and other roadway issues.

When a company knowingly promotes a dangerous product

As early as 1971, reports began to circulate within the Johnson & Johnson organization about potential dangers lurking in one of its most popular products: baby powder. The main ingredient in the product, talc, could allegedly become infiltrated by asbestos, which readers of this Kentucky personal injury blog likely know can cause cancer in those who are exposed to it. Despite this knowledge, Johnson & Johnson allegedly did nothing to prevent the exposure of its consumers to a product that it knew could be dangerous.


End of the year marks the end of sales for Essure due to injuries

Most consumers want to believe that the products that make it to the market in the United States are safe for consumers. This is particularly true when considering critical and potentially dangerous products, such as medications or medical devices. People place a lot of trust in these products, only to sometimes wind up injured or worse.

Unfortunately, the vetting process for medications and medical devices does not always involve thorough exploration of long-term consequences. In the rush to get new products to the market, overlooked issues can come back to cause problems for patients in the future. That is exactly the case with the permanent birth control Essure.

CPSC recall list highlights the many dangers products can contain

It is December and for many Kentucky residents that can mean that it is the season of giving. As they prepare presents for their friends, family members, and as gifts to charities, some may take extra steps to ensure that their recipients receive just what they want. However, few will investigate just how safe the gifts that they are giving are or whether those presents may pose hazards.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission continually issues recalls for products that have been proven unsafe to individuals. For example, just last week a brand of high chairs was recalled because the legs of the device could detach and send children falling to the floor; before that an off-road vehicle was recalled because its roll bar may be insufficient to protect riders from harm in the event of a rollover crash.

What is a wrongful death?

If a death is the result of natural causes, such as old age or a long-term illness, the loss of the victim is tragic, but not legally compensable. However, if a person loses their life due to the actions of another individual, legal liability may come into play. In Kentucky and other American jurisdictions, individuals may suffer wrongful deaths if they lose their lives due to the negligent or reckless acts of others.

Do you have the legal right to a wrongful death suit in Kentucky?

Losing a loved one is never easy. It can take a long time to address the grief and rebuild your life. That process is infinitely more difficult when the person you love dies suddenly as a result of a traumatic car accident or gets struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian.

Unfortunately, motor vehicle collisions continue to happen every day, and surviving family members in Kentucky find themselves dealing with an unexpected loss. It is only natural in such a painful and difficult situation to wonder about your legal rights and how to hold the other driver accountable.

Severe traumatic brain injuries can require long-term care

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can afflict a Kentucky resident in a number of ways. While many TBIs are caused by accidents and occur when collisions and impacts affect the outside of the victims' heads, other TBIs occur when penetration injuries, such as those caused by bullets and other projectiles, enter the victims' brains through their skulls. Either type of TBI can be serious and life-altering.

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