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Is It True A Pedestrian Can Never Be At-Fault For An Accident?

January 5, 2023
Pedestrian accidents often result in significant injuries. Pedestrians do not have much protection from the force of a vehicle, and they typically experience an impact with the vehicle and with the ground. If a pedestrian is injured due to the...
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Who Is Liable In An Accident Involving A Tire Blowout

December 7, 2022
Accidents involving larger commercial truck tire blowouts can be devastating. It is not uncommon for these incidents to result in significant injuries and property damage, and those involved should have a way to recover compensation. Here, we want to discuss...
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What to do if You’re Injured by an Automatic or Elevator Door?

October 19, 2022
Automatic and elevator doors present significant risks of injury if they malfunction. However, since this is not an everyday occurrence or even an injury that many people hear of regularly, any person who sustains an injury due to these types...
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The Top 5 Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Kentucky

October 4, 2022
Vehicle accidents are a reality of operating on the roadways of Kentucky. They happen, and they happen more often than they should. During the most recent recording year of data on file, there were 780 total traffic fatalities across Kentucky,...
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Can a Pre-Existing Injury Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

August 30, 2022
Just about everyone has had an injury at some point in their lifetime. However, should a pre-existing injury affect any current personal injury claim you have ongoing? The reality is that insurance carriers and at-fault parties may try to use...
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