Drunk driving is a deadly problem in Kentucky

Alcohol and driving do not mix. A driver who has consumed alcohol and chooses to get behind the wheel of their car is a danger to themselves and to every other person that they encounter. Data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer readers of this Lexington personal injury blog a look at just what a problem drunk driving is for Kentucky residents.

One sobering statistic that may cause readers to pause is the fact that 2,041 people died in drunk driving crashes in the state between 2003 and 2012. This alarming information means that more than 200 people die, on average, in drunk driving accidents each year in Kentucky. Law enforcement efforts and anti-drunk driving campaigns help, but too many people are still made victims of dangerous crashes caused by drunk drivers.

What rights do you have when a product proves to be dangerous?

When people go to the store, they expect that the items for sale there are reasonably safe. For food, that would mean that the products where in the right kind of environment, whether that would be room temperature or refrigerated. For more durable goods, that would mean that the product received adequate safety testing prior to its release to the public.

Unfortunately, companies can and do cut corners when it comes to product safety testing. This can leave consumers in a vulnerable position. An item that you paid good money for could cause you injury or damage to your property. As a consumer, you likely want to know what your rights may be after a defective product causes you injury or financial losses.

Dangerous substance found in children's make-up

One of the ways that children learn to take on adult tasks and responsibilities is by practicing from an early age. Children may benefit from learning about money and budgeting, from taking on household responsibilities, and from role playing family jobs. In households all across Kentucky young people are practicing the skills that they will need to become productive adults.

Children also benefit from playing and trying out new experiences. One of the things that many young girls enjoy doing is playing with make-up. They can express themselves and their creativity while they learn how to apply different types of cosmetics.

It's Brain Injury Awareness Month: Understanding TBI

The effects of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can last for years. In some cases, victims experience repercussions for the rest of their lives. However, many people still do not understand the prevalence or severity of TBI.

For over 30 years, the Brain Injury Association of America has observed Brain Injury Awareness Month. This national awareness campaign aims to educate the public about the rate, causes and effects of brain injuries. To assist with this goal, we have compiled some important information that you should know about TBI.

E-scooter injuries up nationally, prompting CDC inquiry

In metropolitan areas throughout the nation, pedestrian and vehicle congestion can lead to delays, stress, and in some cases, accidents. Some cities have begun to adopt an alternative way for people to get where they want to go without taking their vehicles or hailing Ubers, and that involves picking up e-scooters for rent. E-scooters are small motorized vehicles that individuals can ride to their destinations and park once they are done, leaving the e-scooters for others to use.

Though Lexington may not yet be overrun with e-scooters, that may be a good thing. Accidents involving e-scooters are on the rise, leaving many individuals with bruises, broken bones, and in some cases resulting in deaths. The problem has gotten so bad that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have undertaken an inquiry into the problem to determine why so many accidents are happening.

Determining the causes of a truck accident

Victims of commercial truck accidents must deal with many pressing needs at the same time, and it can easily become overwhelming. On top of dealing with injuries suffered in the accident and possibly missing work and income because of the injuries, a victim must also build a personal injury claim to compensate them for their losses.

Building a personal injury claim is rarely simple, but when it involves a commercial truck, the process grows more complex. Instead of a legal conflict between two consumer drivers, the claim may involve one or more large companies, each of them eager to payout as little as possible or avoid liability altogether.

What acts may constitute gross negligence?

Negligence forms the basis of many personal injury claims, including claims brought due to the wrongful deaths of victims. There are several elements that must be proven for a victim to prevail in court on their negligence claim, and this post will briefly touch on those to provide readers with an understanding of this important legal topic. However, other forms of negligence also exist, and through this post Kentucky readers will also be introduced to the concept of gross negligence.

Claims of negligence are built upon the idea that the acting party owed a duty of care to their victim. Generally, all people owe each other a duty to act reasonably given their situation. This is known as the reasonable person standard. When a person breaches this duty of reasonableness and harms a victim, causing that victim to suffer losses, a personal injury case built on negligence may exist.

Important information to collect after a car accident

If readers of this Lexington-based personal injury blog have ever been in motor vehicle accidents, then they know just how time consuming it can be to work through the many issues that are involved in getting their lives back. If they are hurt, then they have to deal with medical appointments, treatment bills, and other expenses. If their vehicles were damaged, then they have to find repair shops that will competently make their vehicles right. Some individuals may choose to sue the parties that cause their accidents, and building a strong case can depend a great deal on the information that is available to them.

After a motor vehicle accident, a victim should get as much information as they can. In addition to basic information from the other driver, such as their license plate number, address, insurance information, and more, they may also want to take notes about conditions at the time of their collisions. Heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions, and other factors can be important when building a claim.

Does your insurance policy have coverage for lost wages?

Motor vehicles are a major source of both injury and liability for the general public. Even in the best circumstances, a vehicle can put someone at risk for a crash and serious injuries. Most people tend to ignore the risk involved in motor vehicle travel, simply because it is part of their daily life.

Drivers may want to keep the annoyance and expense involved in vehicle ownership to a minimum. That often involves trying to minimize insurance costs. However, residents of Kentucky would be wise to balance the desire to keep insurance costs low with the need for adequate coverage in the event of a crash. Simply buying the least insurance possible under the law may not cover your lost wages.

What are "loss of consortium" damages?

The loss of a loved one can affect all areas of life. When a dear relative dies, it can be almost impossible for a Kentucky resident to envision a future without the deceased individual in it. Deaths from natural causes can be difficult to work through, but many individuals who lose loved ones in unexpected accidents and incidents feel the trauma of loss as well as the pain of knowing it could have been avoided.

Past posts on this personal injury blog have discussed who may bring a wrongful death claim and how it must be pursued. When a person sues based on a wrongful death, they may collect damages for the benefit of the deceased individual's estate and surviving family members. Those damages can range from actual damages related to costs arising from their death as well as other damages.

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