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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a free personal injury consultation?

A consultation is your opportunity to meet with an attorney and discuss your case.  You can also ask any questions you may have regarding your case.  This is free of charge, and there is no obligation to choose our firm.

Why is Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C. the right choice for me?

Our founding attorney, Gary C. Johnson, has a long record of successfully representing his clients.  He has the largest jury verdict in the state of Kentucky, along with several other multi-million-dollar verdicts.  Because of this, most of Gary’s cases settle before trial.  In 2008, Gary was awarded the Kentucky Justice Association’s Outstanding Trial Lawyer award.  He developed “Judo Law” as a unique way of handling his cases.

Gary has taken the things he’s learned over many years of practicing law and trained what he considers an elite team of lawyers and paralegals to help him represent his clients. He has instilled in them a total commitment to represent the clients that trust our office to represent them.

Our Lexington injury lawyers’ commitment to service is shown by the way our team of attorneys and staff work diligently to help clients with their problems outside the areas that further their legal claims. While we’re working to win legal claims, the entire staff goes the extra mile to help people with problems such as the following:

  • Car repairs and auto rentals following an accident;
  • All communications and negotiations with defense attorneys and insurance adjusters;
  • Communications with your physicians on a regular basis to ensure that continued treatment is available, regardless of your ability to pay during the pendency of your claim; and,
  • Communication and negotiations with creditors and bill collectors.

The goal of our law firm is to find and recover all available insurance for our clients.

Will Gary be my lawyer?

Gary coordinates the strategy of every single case in his office.  One of the trained and experienced accident attorneys in Lexington may be assigned to your case to assist Gary with the detailed work.  Gary is totally committed to every single file in his office, and he is completely aware of everything happening in your case.

How much does it cost me to get Gary to represent me, and how much does it cost me to file a lawsuit or get a settlement?

We accept cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that we collect no attorney’s fee unless we succeed in recovering damages for you through settlement or trial. We also advance all costs and expenses involved in the investigation and proof of your case, and we only recover our expenses if we are successful on your behalf.

If I call you, will there be any pressure to immediately sign a contract?

No – absolutely not.  Your decision to hire an attorney may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It should not be taken lightly, and you should be very careful in choosing a lawyer. You should check the lawyer’s credentials, their track record, and how other lawyers view them.  We want you to check our record. Who knows which lawyers are the best lawyers? The answer is simple – other lawyers. Every year, Gary is a sought-after teacher by other lawyers across the country.  He has recently taught lawyers of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and has been a speaker at numerous state trial attorney organizations across the country.

What if I can’t make it to your office to meet or work on my case?

We have a van that is called the “Client Van”. This van is exclusively used for client transportation to doctors, the office, or any other needs our clients may have. When you call our office, if it is inconvenient for you to come to the office, our attorneys will come to your home or wherever is convenient for you to do the free personal injury consultation.  Without you, we would not be in business.  Every client is an extremely “Very Important Person to us”.

What work will I have to do, if I hire you?

Other than providing information that you have available, you will have no work for you to do in preparing your case. That is our job.  It’s what we do.  It’s what we’ve spent years learning how to do, and none of that responsibility will be on you.

Can I keep my claim a secret?

That is your choice. If you direct us to try to resolve your case prior to filing a lawsuit, then your claim can remain secret.  However, our experience has been that to get the insurance available, a lawsuit that is public record will need to be filed. Your personal information will be secret and not public outside of the attorneys involved in the lawsuit. We keep all clients’ business totally confidential and go to great lengths to protect their privacy. We strongly urge our clients to not use Facebook or other social media concerning their lawsuits.

What happens if I choose you to be my attorney?

You now have our power to protect you. The burden of forcing the insurance company to pay has now shifted from you to us. We do everything, in fact, we insist that our clients put the entire matter out of their minds to the extent that they can.  Litigation requires special expertise.  This is why you hire an attorney. The preparation and dealing with the insurance adjustors and other attorneys will all be done by us. Your role, while being fully informed, will make ultimate decisions regarding settlement and whether the case goes to trial.

If I call, with whom will I speak?

You will first speak to a receptionist who will transfer you to a trained intake coordinator that will ask you for basic information. You will then be given an appointment, or, if an attorney is available, you may speak to an attorney at that time.

If I send an email, who will read it?

All communications with an attorney’s office are confidential. We are protected by a secure server, and your email will never be read by anyone that isn’t directly involved in your case. These communications are then privileged and cannot be disclosed.

What information will I have to provide, if I call or email?

We generally need the date of the incident, the parties involved, the police report, if one was done, and basic insurance information. The more information we can get on the first call, the better.   However, we will not press you for any information other than the basic information.

Once I become a client, how do I stay in contact with my lawyer?

The attorneys in our office provide our clients with an email address, the office telephone, and, more importantly, the cell phone of the attorney that is primarily managing their case. We work for you.  You have an absolute right to have access to us at any time.  Again, remember, in our firm you are the VIP.

How long will it take?

It is impossible to tell you in this FAQ section. We can give you a range at the free personal injury consultation. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter lawsuit. Every client and every case in our office is unique. What we can tell you is that we have developed a fast-track method, along with Judo Law, to dispose of our cases quickly. We will put our record of moving cases swiftly against any other law firm in the country. However, we will never move a case quickly at the risk of diminishing the recovery for our clients.

Will I have to go to court or appear in public?

Because of our track record, we are able to settle cases that would otherwise end up in extensive litigation.  However, experience has taught us that if it is a large case, a lawsuit must be filed, and the insurance company is forced to pay the money. We immediately file lawsuits in all our cases that have any type of serious injury.  By doing this, we have found that we save a lot of time for our clients in resolving their cases. The case is then prepared for a jury trial, which will require you to give a deposition under oath. That is the extent of your involvement unless the defense sends you to a defense doctor for an examination.  Once the case is prepared for trial, we go to mediation.  The majority of our cases settle at mediation.  However, if your case does not settle at mediation, we are prepared for trial, and our attorneys will be by your side every step of the way.

Our many years of experience have taught us how best to resolve a case for the maximum amount of money for our clients. We really know how to do our job.