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Lexington Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Suffering personal injuries can disrupt your life and cause unexpected difficulties and complications, but when injuries are catastrophic, life as you know it is turned upside down for you and your family. The cost of medical care and necessary accommodations can be financially devastating, and this is why only a Lexington catastrophic injury lawyer who focuses on these injuries should be trusted to handle your claim. If you or a loved one has suffered life-changing injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s wrongful conduct, contact Gary C. Johnson P.S.C. to schedule a free personal injury consultation.

Why Choose Our Lexington Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

  • Our team of Lexington personal injury attorneys has spent more than 40 years recovering compensation for clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. We have helped secure millions of dollars in settlements and trial awards for injured clients and their families.
  • We understand the complications and impacts that these injuries have on families. We have built relationships with medical experts who will conduct medical examinations, review medical records, and provide testimony to help prove the true value of your injuries. The value of your injuries may include long-term injury effects and future medical needs and accommodations.
  • Medical expenses for catastrophic injuries can be astounding, even when health insurance covers a significant portion of the expenses. Our law firm wants to help with your financial struggles and not add to them, so we advance all costs and fees related to your case. Our attorneys do not collect attorneys’ fees until they have helped you secure financial compensation for your case.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries In Lexington

Catastrophic injuries are severe injuries that seriously impact injury victims and require a considerable amount of time and rehabilitation for recovery. Sometimes these injuries cause permanent disabilities that require lifetime accommodations such as making homes and vehicles wheelchair accessible. Types of catastrophic injuries include spinal cord injuries or other injuries resulting in paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, cancers and other illnesses, severe burns, amputations, loss of hearing or vision, internal organ damage, and fatal injuries.

Causes of Lexington Catastrophic Injuries

We have experience with many types of catastrophic injury claims and some that we most frequently handle involve the following:

Compensation For Injuries In Lexington

Compensation for injuries and damages are different for each case and depend on the severity of the injuries and long-term outlook. Financial recovery for injury victims may include all injury-related medical expenses and expected future medical expenses. Lost income due to missed work is recoverable and so are damages for future lost earnings due to long-term injuries and disability. Injury victims may also recover for their pain and suffering and any property that was damaged in the accident. In some cases when the defendant’s wrongful conduct was egregious, punitive damages may also be awarded.

Contact a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Lexington Today

If you or a loved one has sustained catastrophic injuries caused by someone else’s negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct, contact a Lexington catastrophic injury attorney at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., to discuss your claims and injuries sustained. Our compassionate and aggressive Lexington accident attorneys will work to see that you and your family secure the compensation that you deserve and that responsible parties are held accountable.