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Lexington Daycare Injury Lawyer

Before kindergarten, most young children spend time in preschool, daycare, or other types of childcare settings. Parents do their due diligence in selecting childcare for their children and they trust caretakers and childcare facilities to provide safe environments for their children. Children are bound to suffer faultless injuries from slips and falls and other common accidents, but when a childcare provider’s negligence leads to children’s injuries, they should be held accountable. If your child has suffered injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, contact the Lexington daycare injury lawyers of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., to schedule a free personal injury consultation.

Why Choose Us A Lexington Daycare Injury Lawyer From Us?

  • Our personal injury attorneys in Lexington are fierce advocates for children who have been injured as a result of their caretakers’ negligent or reckless conduct. We know that children are incredibly vulnerable and childcare workers and facilities must be held accountable for violating parents’ trust and putting their children in harm’s way.
  • Our Lexington accident attorneys will fight for financial recovery for you and your child by conducting a thorough investigation of the accident and surrounding circumstances. We will compile evidence to build and strengthen your case against a negligent childcare provider. You and your child deserve to be compensated for your injuries and damages and our attorneys will work to maximize the value of your claim.
  • Our attorneys have spent more than 40 years protecting innocent children and their parents from negligent and reckless childcare providers. We are committed to helping you and your family. We will work closely with you throughout the legal process and be available to address all of your questions and concerns.

How Our Lexington Daycare Injury Attorneys Can Help

We know that there may be nothing worse than seeing your child suffering from serious injuries and we will make sure that while we are working on your case, you are also getting the medical care and accommodations that you and your child need. We will speak with creditors and medical billing departments if you are going through financial struggles due to large medical bills and missed work to care for your child. We will negotiate with insurance companies and attorneys who represent the defendant in an effort to settle your case without having to go to trial. We will litigate your case in court when it is necessary to see that you receive a full and fair recovery.

Wrongful Death Following A Lexington Daycare Accident

Under the worst circumstances, when children suffer fatal injuries caused by their caretakers’ wrongful conduct, parents may have a wrongful death claim against childcare workers and facilities. Wrongful death actions may be made to compensate parents for their losses as a result of losing their child. Compensation may also include punitive damages when childcare providers’ conduct is found to be willful or grossly negligent. Our compassionate attorneys understand that these cases are incredibly emotional and difficult, and they fight to see that their clients not only receive financial compensation, but also the emotional support that they need. Speak to a wrongful death attorney in Lexington today.

Contact a Daycare Injury Lawyer in Lexington Today

If you believe that your child’s injuries were caused by someone’s wrongful conduct while caring for your child, an experienced attorney can help. Contact a Lexington daycare injury lawyer at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., to review your accident claim and resulting injuries. We are available for a free and confidential consultation and we will answer your questions, offer helpful information, and discuss your legal options.