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Exactech Recall Lawsuit for Defective Ankle, Hip and Knee Replacement Parts

Recently medical device manufacturer Exactech notified health professionals that improperly packaged ankle and knee replacement parts were used in surgeries throughout the country.  The affected replacement parts were first shipped in 2004.  Because of failure in the packaging these parts are shipped/stored in before implantation, the parts are wearing out quickly and causing serious injury, which has led to an urgent recall and several lawsuits against Exactech.   The recalled parts include:

  • Optetrak, used in knee replacement surgery
  • Optetrak Logic, used in knee replacement surgery
  • Truliant, used in knee replacement surgery
  • Vantage, used in ankle replacement surgery

There has also been a recall of Exactech products used in hip replacement procedures – the Connexion GXL acetabular liners – which also are showing signs of early wear and osteolysis.

If you underwent a replacement surgery after 2004, you can contact your surgeon to find out the exact parts that were used in your implant surgery.  If the part was manufactured by Exactech, please contact our firm to see what your rights may be.

If you have experienced issues since the implantation of Exactech hardware such as pain, swelling, limited mobility, inability to bear weight, grinding/clicking/other noises, loosening due to osteolysis, polyethylene wear, and/or revision due to osteolysis or polyethylene wear, call for a free personal injury consultation to see if you might be entitled to compensation.

If successful, a lawsuit against Exactech may allow you to recover compensation for your past and future medical costs, lost income, past and future physical pain and suffering, and out of pocket expenses related to the defective part that caused your injury.