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Kentucky Medication Error Lawyer

Recently, through news reports and highly publicized legal battles, the public has become more aware of the dangers caused by medication and prescription errors. As a result, responsible parties are being held accountable for medication errors that may have previously gone undetected by unsuspecting patients and their loved ones. Kentucky medication error lawyers at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., are experienced in representing clients who have been injured due to medication and prescription errors and they know just how disruptive and devastating these injuries can be. Finding an experienced and knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney is a critical first step in beginning your path to recovery after you or a loved one has suffered pharmaceutical injuries.

Why Choose Us?

  • Attorneys at the law firm of Gary C. Johnson P.S.C. are relentless advocates for their injured clients and they work to see that their clients recover physically, financially, and emotionally after they have been injured by medication errors.
  • Our attorneys have been successful in securing large settlements and trial awards for their medical malpractice clients for over 40 years. They have fostered important relationships with medical experts to help prove medication error cases and maximize the value of plaintiffs’ claims.
  • We know that medication and prescription error injuries can often lead to significant financial burdens for patients and their families due to high medical bills and lost wages. In order to help with these burdens, our attorneys accept their cases on a contingency fee basis so that clients do not pay any attorneys’ fees until they have been compensated for their cases.

The Dangers of Medication Errors

Consequences of medication and prescription errors can be very serious and sometimes deadly. When prescription errors are made or patients are not properly informed and warned about side effects and risks associated with medications, patients may experience medical dangers such as stroke, heart failure, allergic reaction, birth defects, cancer, depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction, blood clots, organ damage, bone and muscle damage, and death.

Liable Parties

In medication and prescription error cases, defendants are often pharmacists, prescribing doctors, or drug manufacturers. Pharmacists may be responsible for incorrect dosage, providing incorrect instructions, failing to warn of drug dangers and harmful drug interactions, or failing to recognize errors in the prescription. Prescribing doctors may be liable for prescription mistakes such as prescribing the wrong medication or incorrect dosage, failing to review a patient’s medical history that would have alerted a doctor to patient-specific conditions or medications that would impact medication decisions, failing to warn of side effects and risks, or failing to recognize that patient symptoms are a side effect of the drug.

Drug manufacturers may be responsible for failing to thoroughly test the product before putting it on the market, failing to warn of known drug dangers, or hiding dangers and side effects discovered after the product has already been on the market.

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If you or a loved one has been injured by medication or prescription errors, contact a Kentucky medication error lawyer at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., for a free personal injury consultation. We know how challenging the aftermath of medical mistakes can be for patients and their families and we will fight to see that you are fairly compensated for everything that you have been through. When medical professionals deliver negligent and substandard medical care, they should be held accountable.