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Kentucky Truck Safety Violation Lawyer

Truck Safety

Trucks present significant hazards on roads and highways for many reasons. Federal regulations require certain measures and components to improve truck safety. If you have been involved in a truck accident, contact our Kentucky truck safety violation lawyers today.

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Federal regulations require that trucks and trailers be visible even in low light. Reflective tape along the sides and rear of trucks and trailers are the main way this is addressed. Even if an accident does happen, this can alert the other driver in time to reduce their speed and lessen the severity of the accident. This is a simple and economical step and is expected of trucking companies.

There are also regulations for mirrors to reduce truckers’ blind spots and prevent injury to pedestrians and other drivers. Proper truck safety requires guards under the rear of the truck to prevent cars from going under the truck. These must be constructed of a rigid material and attached properly. They must be regularly inspected.

Stopped Trucks

Other truck accidents are due to drivers’ difficulty determining if a truck is moving slowly or stopped. There are many cases of injury where another driver believed a truck was in motion when it was actually stopped. Not everyone has 20/20 vision, and optical illusions frequently result in accidents.

We accept cases involving truck safety and other matters on a contingent fee basis, which means that we collect no attorney’s fee unless we succeed in recovering damages for you through settlement negotiations or trial. We also advance all of the costs and expenses involved in the investigation and proof of your personal injury or wrongful death claims, and we only recover our expenses if we are successful on your behalf.

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