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Pikeville Back Injury Lawyer

Back and soft tissue injuries can be extremely painful and debilitating and in some cases, injuries can last for years or more, especially if those injuries are left untreated and exacerbated. If someone else caused your injuries in a car accident, slip and fall, or another type of accident, you deserve to be compensated. Unfortunately, even though soft tissue injuries are real injuries that cause real problems for people, insurance companies are often reluctant to pay these claims leaving injured parties to fend for themselves.

Securing compensation can be much easier, however, when you have experienced attorneys advocating for your recovery. If you have sustained injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s fault, contact a Pikeville back injury attorney at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., to discuss your claim.

Work With Our Pikeville Injury Lawyer

  • Our attorneys understand that back injuries can be very serious and unlike some other personal injury attorneys, we are not afraid to pursue these claims against defendants and insurance companies. We know that these injuries are sometimes difficult to prove, but our experienced attorneys have the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to succeed in claims against defendants and reluctant insurance companies.
  • Our Lexington personal injury attorneys team has been representing injured victims for more than 40 years and we have been successful in securing millions of dollars in settlement agreements and jury awards for our clients.
  • Our attorneys do not take on personal injury cases to push for a quick settlement and turnaround time. They work to maximize the value of every claim and they will never push clients to settle claims that do not fully and fairly compensate them.

Proving Back And Soft Tissue Injuries

Back, shoulder, and neck pain are often caused by injuries to muscles and tendons. These soft tissue injuries may not show up in x-rays and MRIs, but that does not mean the injuries are not there and that the pain isn’t real. As mentioned above, recovering compensation for these injuries can be difficult because the injuries can be tricky to prove without an attorney advocating for your recovery. Our attorneys have relationships with medical experts who may become a critical part of proving your case. Medical experts will review your medical records, examine your injuries, and offer testimony that validates your injury claim.

Physical Recovery

We understand how painful these injuries can be and how much they can impair your ability to perform certain functions, but with proper medical treatment, these injuries can be managed and you can achieve relief from your symptoms. Our attorneys know that early treatment is key to your physical recovery, so part of providing legal representation for your case is helping you get the medical care that you need right away.

Back And Soft Tissue Injury Compensation

Muscle strains, sprains, whiplash, and other soft tissue injuries may result in missed work and lost wages. In addition to lost wages, compensation for your injuries and damages may include loss of future earning capacity, medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Contact a Pikeville Back Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless conduct, contact an injury attorney at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., to discuss your claim and financial recovery options.