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Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

Protecting Your Rights in Neck and Back Injury Cases

At the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., an essential hallmark of our approach to client service is the degree of care we commit to the analysis and evaluation of damage claims for injured people. An insurance company is not likely to settle a case on any grounds other than what it thinks can be proved against it in court. As a result, we devote a great deal of attention to the evidence that will support our client’s damages claims in complex cases.

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Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., for a free personal injury consultation about your right to damages for a neck or back injury. With offices in Pikeville, Hazard, Lexington, and Louisville, we’re convenient for clients throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky. We’re also committed to providing personalized and attentive client service that meets the demands of your legal situation and looks to the practical needs your family might face.

It’s not always easy to get an accurate diagnosis or a helpful treatment plan in a case of whiplash, bulging disk or herniated disk following a car accident or injury at work.

With 40 years of experience protecting the rights of accident victims in Kentucky, we know how to develop and present the evidence that can ensure that your settlement or jury verdict will reflect the full extent of your injuries — even if those injuries worsened over time or were completely overlooked in the emergency room.

Neck and back injuries can be evidenced by back pain, neck pain, leg pain, arm pain, nerve damage, and/or bladder or bowel dysfunction. The pain can also be caused by an aggravation of a previous injury or condition. Kentucky law allows recovery for the aggravation of any preexisting condition.

We represent clients whose neck or back injuries run the full range from whiplash to paralysis due to spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia. Although accidents involving permanent disabilities usually result in the highest settlements and verdicts, disputed claims over soft tissue injuries to the neck or back can often be harder to prove and settle. No matter how severe your injuries happen to be, you can depend on our attorneys to advise and represent you with the same honesty and energy.

For a free personal injury consultation about your right to compensation for neck or back injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, car wrecks, truck wrecks, or slip and fall at a store, contact a personal injury attorney in Lexington at Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., in Pikeville, Hazard, Lexington or Louisville.