Attorney Profiles

Meet the Lawyers of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C.

With several attorneys and an additional staff of more than thirty committed professionals serving the needs of clients in our Pikeville, Hazard and Lexington offices, the law firm of Gary C. Johnson, P.S.C., is ready to advise and represent people across the range of personal injury claims — car accidents, medical malpractice, gas explosions, drug litigation, mass tort and truck accidents.

To learn how our experience can help you resolve a serious injury claim in Central or Eastern Kentucky, contact us for a free consultation at any of our three locations. To find out more about each of our attorneys, see their profiles below.

Gary C Johnson Gary C. Johnson

Anita Parsons Johnson Anita Parsons Johnson

Angela Pergrem Owens Angela Pergrem Owens

Dustin Robert Williams Dustin Robert Williams

Jerry Pierson Gerald J. Pierson

Charles D Johnson Charles D. Johnson

Raabia Wazir Raabia Wazir

Ryan Biggerstaff Ryan Biggerstaff

Brittany Deskins Johnson Brittany Deskins Johnson

Scott OwensScott Owens

Emily Faith WetmoreEmily Faith Wetmore

Leslie CronenLeslie Cronen

Jennifer L. Thompson Jennifer L. Thompson