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Lexington Personal Injury Law Blog

What is whiplash and how can it happen during a car accident?

Anyone who has ever slept "funny" on their pillow or turned their head too fast to one side may have experienced the excruciating pain of a neck injury. From pulled muscles to slipped vertebrae, damage to the neck can be debilitating and agonizing. However, there is one type of neck injury that is common to car accident victims and may be familiar to readers of this Kentucky personal injury blog: whiplash.

Whiplash is an injury caused by the head being thrown in opposing directions in rapid succession. For example, imagine a vehicle stopped at a red light that is struck from behind by a second vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The victim in the stopped vehicle may have their head thrown forward by the force of the impact but then experience the also forceful throw of their head in the opposite direction when it hits and bounces off of their steering wheel airbag.

Wrongful death claims help people who lose a loved one

Losing a loved one is never easy, but certain circumstances are more difficult than others. A death due to old age or as the result of a long illness, for example gives loved ones and family members a chance to make peace. It also provides the deceased with ample opportunity to get his or her affairs in order. When a death is sudden, survivors may have a lot of feelings and grief to work through. If that death was the result of an accident caused by another, it's quite natural to want some form of justice.

Sometimes, the mistakes that cause a death are criminal. These could include drunk driving or texting while driving. People choose to break the law, and tragedy results. Other times, the mistakes may not clearly result from a crime, even though there's no question who was responsible for the death. In both of these scenarios, surviving family members should consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Manufacturing defects can cause harm to consumers

Many of the products that Kentucky residents bring home from their favorite stores are made and manufactured in large industrial complexes. These complexes have found ways to mechanize the processes of putting together the goods that Americans want and need. Many reviews and considerations are made to ensure that manufacturing processes are safe and pose no threat to the people who will buy the manufactured products.

However, it is possible for problems to develop in manufacturing and for defects to appear in the products that come off of those mechanized lines. A manufacturing defect is a mistake in a product that a manufacturer did not intend to make, a detail that a design did not include in its drafting and that causes injuries to those who acquire the products for use.

Why can damage to the spine be so catastrophic?

Kentucky residents suffer injuries all of the time. Children fall off bikes and swings and suffer cuts, bruises and other minor ailments, while absent-minded adults may kick coffee tables, slice fingers, while cooking, or drop heavy items on their feet. These painful incidents leave victims reeling in pain, but generally with fast and self-directed recoveries.

Injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents can be significantly more serious than the issues just mentioned. The forces at work when two vehicles collide can cause accident victims to suffer broken bones, damage to their organs and even death. Car accidents can also cause significant trauma to one particularly important part of the body: the spinal cord.

Woman dies in collision with self-driven vehicle

A 49-year-old woman recently lost her life in a pedestrian accident that has made national news. Though pedestrian accidents happen every day throughout the country and even here in Kentucky, this incident is note-worthy for one unique reason: the vehicle that struck the woman was self-driven.

The car involved in the accident was one of Uber's under testing self-driven vehicles. At the time of the accident, the car had a human driver in it, though the human driver was not in control of the vehicle. Rather, the car was on self-drive mode and under its own operation.

Distracted commercial truck drivers are a major risk on the road

Most people understand that distraction on the road can be dangerous, even deadly. When someone operating a motor vehicle fails to properly attend to the task at hand, mistakes and oversights can quickly result in a crash. The end result may be massive property damage, severe injuries or even death. When the person indulging in distracted driving controls a massive commercial truck, the risks to others on the road are even higher.

When traveling at 55 miles per hour, taking five seconds to read or type a text can cause a crash. In those few seconds, the vehicle will travel the length of a football field. That's a long way to go without checking your surroundings.

A burn injury can be a life-altering event

Most Kentucky residents experience minor burns regularly in their daily lives. They may accidentally bump a hot pan on the cook-top with their hand, or they may touch a hot curling iron to their neck as they fix their hair. These small, superficial burns are downright painful but most do not require medical treatment and heal on their own. However, burns can be significantly more serious and can arise from many differently types of incidents. This informational post will examine some of the ways that serious burns can happen from negligence-based accidents and how burns are classified in terms of severity.

Burns are classified based on how deep they penetrate into a victim's body. A minor burn such as those mentioned in the preceding paragraph may likely be classified as a first degree burn as they only affect the first layer of skin on the victim. A worker may suffer a first degree burn on the job if they are not given the proper training or equipment to handle hot substances; first degree burns are generally not serious but can hurt.

Manufacturer loses pelvic mesh liability lawsuit

Medical malpractice and product liability suits often seem like a David-versus-Goliath style match-up with little assurance of things playing out so well for the underdog. In many cases, victims who suffer serious harm cannot mount a strong legal case against a powerful company or care provider, and are stuck dealing with the aftermath of a faulty device or procedure.

In light of these odds, it is good news to the ears of many patients throughout the country to hear that a major medical device manufacturer recently lost a product liability suit, resulting in a multi-million dollar payout.

Motorcyclists face many dangers while on the roads

The freedom that a Kentucky resident enjoys while riding their motorcycle may bring them a great amount of joy. Riding a motorcycle allows a person to feel nature as they travel down the road because they are not separated from the world by the frame of a car. They may take pleasure in their motorcycle's maneuverability and relish in the quick manner that the vehicle accelerates.

Despite the many pleasures that motorcycles impart on their riders, there are a number of dangers that accompany motorcycle riding. Many of those dangers stem from the conduct of other motorists out on Louisville streets and highways: bad drivers, distracted drivers and reckless drivers can all make mistakes that can cause motorcyclists to lose their lives.

What is the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim?

Car accidents, workplace incidents and products liability events are just some of the many ways that Kentucky residents can suffer harm as the result of another person's negligence. When an accident results in physical injuries for a victim, that victim may prioritize their recovery over any considerations of pursuing damages or filing a lawsuit. However, it is important that victims know that they do not have an infinite amount of time in which to initiate legal actions against the parties who caused their harm. The applicable statutes of limitations codified in Kentucky law may cut off their rights to file lawsuits.

For most personal injury claims, a victim has one year from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit. This limitation also applies to wrongful death claims brought by survivors of a deceased victim. That means if a victim waits one year and one month to file their lawsuit, their matter may be thrown out for failing to comply with the state's limitation constraints.