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Imagine driving a family sedan on the highway one morning when you encounter an accident up ahead that’s blocking one lane. As you slow to safely pass through the scene, you notice a gravel truck in your rear-view mirror. You...
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Testing and treatment for sleep apnea can prevent collisions

Truck drivers with sleep apnea need treatment to drive safely While federal regulations do not specifically address sleep apnea, they do state that a person with a condition likely to interfere with their ability to drive safely cannot be medically...
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Sleep apnea makes drivers drowsy and fatigued

Sleep apnea can cause problems when we’re awake. The inability to sleep soundly without interruption can make you drowsy and fatigued. Someone with sleep apnea may find their cognitive functioning during the day to be diminished. Professional drivers have to...
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Truck drivers with sleep apnea cause collisions

Risk factors for sleep apnea Both men and women of all ages can suffer from sleep apnea, but there are some risk factors that make it more likely. Truck drivers can have a family history of sleep apnea, might be...
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Fatigued Driving is unsafe and causes highway accidents

Truck drivers and sleep apnea Sleep apnea is a common health condition that occurs when a person stops breathing while asleep. This can happen as many as 400 times a night. Snoring can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea,...
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