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Looking at some points of Kentucky product liability law, P.3

January 28, 2017
In recent posts, we’ve been looking at Kentucky law regarding manufacturer liability for defective products, including both the limitations on manufacturer liability and legal presumptions plaintiffs must overcome in proving liability.The second presumption we began speaking about last time, the...
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Recognizing the signs of growth plate fractures in children

January 27, 2017
In only one year, approximately 169,000 children under age 14 were injured in car accidents across the country, reports the U.S. Department of Transportation. Some of these injuries were quite serious. Others were very minor. And sometimes, injuries that seemed...
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What to do if a third party is responsible for your work injuries

It is often said that construction workers work in some of the most dangerous workplace environments. Whether it's because of their close proximity to heavy machinery or the increased risk of being struck by falling debris, construction workers in Kentucky...
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Looking at some points of Kentucky product liability law, P.2

January 18, 2017
In our previous post, we began looking at some important points of Kentucky product liability law. As we noted last time, there are certain limitations in liability for manufacturers under Kentucky law and consumers need to be aware that they...
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Looking at some points of Kentucky product liability law, P.1

January 11, 2017
Previously, we began looking at a product liability case filed against Apple which seeks to hold the company liable for failing to install a lock-out feature on a line of mobile devices. The couple that filed the lawsuit argues that...
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