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What standard applies to drivers near child pedestrians?

September 26, 2018
Accidents between vehicles and child pedestrians can be tragedies. These often-preventable collisions commonly occur in school zones, parks and other locations where Kentucky children regularly frequent. Though drivers always are expected to exercise reasonable care when operating their vehicles, when...
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Did you know that the radio causes accidents?

September 22, 2018
Many things cause car accidents in Kentucky, from drunk driving to distracted driving to a simple lack of experience that causes young drivers to make mistakes. After all, one very small error can lead to a deadly crash when everyone...
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Recognizing defects in the design of unsafe products

September 17, 2018
It is not unusual for product manufacturers to release new designs for the items they make. This is because it is in the interest of sellers to keep their products up to date and competitive with what their competitors have...
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What can Kentucky drivers do to stay safe around large trucks?

Not long ago this Kentucky personal injury legal blog discussed several critical events that truck drivers can cause that can lead to serious collisions with other motor vehicles. While truck drivers are tasked with operating their rigs safely and following...
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Is it time to review your motor vehicle insurance policy?

September 9, 2018
You have probably been paying for motor vehicle liability insurance for as long as you have had a license and a car of your own. After all, Kentucky law mandates that all drivers must ensure their vehicles. They do this...
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