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Not every car accident claim should be settled

The decision to settle a pending motor vehicle accident claim will depend on many factors. Individuals who find themselves in the position to decide if they should settle their claims or litigate them should always seek independent legal counsel from...
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Important considerations when negotiating an insurance claim

June 25, 2019
Carrying motor vehicle insurance is a legal obligation for people who live in Kentucky. However, it is also an important financial protection against the potential fallout of a major car crash. A motor vehicle collision can leave you with a...
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What is an unavoidably unsafe product?

Most consumer products are designed with safety in mind and attention to the manufacturing processes that are used to create them. Companies may spend considerable amounts of time reviewing and preparing warning statements and instructions to make sure that consumers...
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Compensation for medical damages after a motor vehicle accident

A car accident can bring to a halt many of the plans and goals that a Kentucky resident has for their future. The injuries that a person can suffer when they are hurt by a reckless or irresponsible driver can...
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Understanding the severity of auto-pedestrian collisions

Now that the Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, Kentucky residents may be gearing up for summer. Those plans may include spending more time outdoors so that individuals can enjoy the warmth and sun that comes with the turn...
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