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You should be skeptical about first settlement offers

If you're like most Americans who drive, you trust in your insurance company. You probably feel safer getting behind the wheel of your car because you know that you have protection if anything should happen. It's true that carrying insurance...
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How can warning defects cause consumer injuries?

November 22, 2017
Often, when a Kentucky resident thinks about dangerous products, they may imagine items with design or manufacturing defects that can harm unsuspecting consumers. However, there is another way that manufacturers can fail in exercising their duties of care with regard...
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Tips for the New Driver in Your Household

November 16, 2017
The day is fast approaching when you will have to watch as your teenager pulls out of the driveway and drives off without you. While a complete driver's education course is helpful to get new drivers on the road, the...
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Motor vehicle accidents claim too many lives

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 35,000 people died on American roads in 2015. This staggering statistic was an increase over the 2014 total, which reached 32,744 fatalities. The increase in losses of life was the...
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Kentucky woman dies in tragic highway vehicle accident

November 9, 2017
Most drivers understand that the actions they take while operating their motor vehicles can impact how others on the road react and choose to maneuver their own vehicles. For example, when a driver is reckless and makes rash decisions, it...
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