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Can I Claim Personal Injury If I Was At Fault?

May 4, 2021
If you or somebody you care about has been injured in an accident, you may be wondering whether or not you will be able to obtain compensation for your injuries and other losses. In a typical personal injury case, we...
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Children suffer brain injuries from common accidents and products

It may seem as though a Kentucky child moves through life with the ability to avoid the injuries and harm that befall older individuals. When a child stumbles they may end up with a bruise or minor cut, whereas an...
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Are you having mood swings at work after a traumatic brain injury?

It's a week after your car crash. You're still feeling groggy and headachy after hitting your head on the steering wheel, but you decided to go into the office, and you're sitting at your desk. Then, your boss comes to...
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What is a traumatic brain injury?

Kentucky drivers may be interested to know that traffic wrecks are a leading causes of traumatic brain injury cases nationwide. The seriousness of a traumatic brain injury cannot be overstated. Individuals who suffer brain injuries may potentially face living with...
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