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Asbestos exposure can be lethal

January 28, 2019
Time is an important factor for many of the regulatory laws and practices that come into being. For example, over time scientists may discover that certain compounds and chemicals are dangerous to humans when they suffer exposures. While a substance...
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Seeking justice and compensation after a tragic wrongful death

January 26, 2019
The sudden loss of a loved one due to a traumatic accident produces a wide range of emotions. Grief and sorrow are common, although numbness often precedes them. People often also experience extreme anger, focused either at their deceased loved...
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Who is liable for a multi-vehicle accident?

It seems like every year stories appear on the nightly news about massive vehicle accidents occurring on Kentucky highways and interstates. These accidents start when a driver collides into another, and that vehicle is pushed into a third, and before...
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Losing a limb due to an accident can have severe complications

January 14, 2019
Traumatic injuries can leave Kentucky residents with injuries to their bones, soft tissue and vital organs. Depending upon the harm they suffer, men, women, and children can be forced to live their lives with permanent disfigurement, worsened health, and serious...
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Recalled blood pressure medication had traces of carcinogen

January 11, 2019
When your doctor recommends a drug to you, you take it because you trust your doctor's opinion. After all, your doctor has undoubtedly looked over the research and determined that the drug is safe and could benefit you. They likely...
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