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Pier 1 recalls lanterns that pose serious fire hazard to buyers

While accidents often occur when using potentially dangerous products in Kentucky and other states, the duty of the product’s manufacturer is to provide proper safety precautions to consumers. If a defect or unsafe part is discovered, the company is expected...
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Drivers at risk of being pinned in trucking accidents

April 23, 2014
Motorists who get into an accident with a commercial sized truck generally suffer catastrophic injuries because smaller vehicles can get crushed underneath a truck. In recent years, safety precautions have been improved and have limited the chances of a driver...
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General Motors cars recalled due to defective ignition switch

Imagine you are driving your brand new car down the street to your home in Kentucky. Without warning, the ignition switch flips to off, the result of a defective car switch. With the ignition switch turned off, critical systems, including...
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Medical malpractice lawsuit decided in amount of $10.6 million

A medical malpractice lawsuit filed against Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Kentucky and one of its surgical doctors was returned from a unanimous jury, ordering reparations be paid in the amount of approximately $10.6 million.The jury ruled that the doctor...
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Medical malpractice case proceeding for grieving family

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a loved one's passing, death usually brings a sense of closure to those left behind. However, one woman's family is still searching for that sense of closure as they head to court to battle the...
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