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Birth Injuries – Shoulder Dystocia

December 24, 2019
In a normal childbirth, the baby moves slowly but surely down the birth canal head first. Shoulder dystocia is what happens when the baby’s head passes the mother’s pubic bone, but the baby’s shoulder gets caught at that spot. Normally...
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Birth Injuries – Medications and Childbirth

December 17, 2019
Did you know that the very best position for a baby to come into the world is head first, face down? And how marvelous it is that the mother’s pelvic bones, on the inside, are shaped with ridges to direct...
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RIDESHARE SCOOTERS: The new scooters zipping across town

Rideshare scooters, sometimes known as dockless scooters, are now appearing in cities across the country as an inexpensive way to combat urban gridlock using clean energy. In recent weeks, Lexington, Kentucky has seen two rideshare scooter companies start operations in...
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Weak rear underride guards increase risks in commercial crashes

Most people on the road are aware of the fact that commercial trucks pose a special risk to people in passenger vehicles. Special precautions, like driving regulations for commercial drivers and increased safety equipment, are intended to reduce crashes. Underride...
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Are drunk drivers always at fault in an accident?

Every year, thousands of car accidents involve drunk drivers, and many people believe that a drunk driver is always at fault in an accident. Unfortunately, this is not always true. If you recently experienced a car accident with a drunk...
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