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Traveling on New Circle Road: The risks in Lexington

June 30, 2018
If you're familiar with Lexington, then you've probably used New Circle Road. It's a road that circles around the entire city of Lexington, making it easy to get to almost any exit and where you need to go in a...
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What Laws Apply To Pedestrians in Kentucky?

Just as drivers who take to Lexington's roads must follow the laws that apply to operating motor vehicles, so too must pedestrians follow the laws when they traverse roads, highways, and other thoroughfares designed for cars, trucks, and vans. While...
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Always carefully review a settlement offer after a crash

June 16, 2018
If you pay your insurance premium on time and in full every month, you may believe that your insurance company will do everything it can to support you in the wake of a serious collision. Sadly, many people learn the...
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Pedestrian deaths are a problem in Lexington

June 13, 2018
When drivers get into their cars, they are responsible for ensuring that they follow the rules of the road, avoid distractions and operate their vehicles while exercising their duty of care to others. It is no small feat for a...
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Motorcycle accidents are often caused by inattentive drivers

Now that spring is in full bloom and the summer months are right around the corner, Kentucky residents may be ready to completely say goodbye to their cold weather gear and prepare for some fun in the sun. While some...
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