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Do you understand what a jackknife accident is?

August 28, 2017
You share the road with larger commercial vehicles every day. You are likely aware from both driver's training and signage on semitrucks and eighteen wheelers that there are massive blind spots around these commercial trucks. You may also realize that...
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Louisville interchange semi accidents under investigation to determine causes, solutions

Truck accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons, some of them within truck drivers’ control and some of them not. For truck accident victims, it is critical to work with experienced legal counsel to explore all potential contributing...
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KY Jury delivers $18.5 million verdict in failure to warn product liability case

August 16, 2017
In product liability litigation, there are different theories of liability plaintiffs can put forward, depending on the facts of the case. These theories include defective design, defective manufacture, and defective labeling, instructions or warnings. In any product liability case, it...
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Are Drunk Drivers Always At Fault In An Accident?

August 12, 2017
Every year, thousands of car accidents involve drunk drivers, and many people believe that a drunk driver is always at fault in an accident. Unfortunately, this is not always true. If you recently experienced a car accident with a drunk...
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Work with experienced attorney to build strong case for tire defect in product liability litigation

August 7, 2017
We’ve been looking in recent posts at the issue of tire defect in motor vehicle accidents, and the importance of working with experienced legal counsel to gather the evidence necessary to develop a strong legal theory. As we’ve noted, accidents...
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