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What to expect when making a defective motor vehicle claim

If you have been involved in a car accident, you will need to establish the most probable cause. By establishing fault, you will then have the power to make a claim for damages against the liable party. Many times, the...
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How does negligence apply in a car accident lawsuit?

Someone who acts or behaves negligently may fail to recognize how their actions will affect others. Kentucky drivers may see negligence in action as they drive down the road, witnessing other motorists who choose to speed, weave through traffic or...
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Side effects of spinal cord injuries can be permanent

Damage to the spinal cord can inflict serious harm upon the physical condition of a Kentucky resident. Prior posts on this personal injury blog have discussed paraplegia and tetraplegia, two conditions that are marked by paralysis of the limbs. When...
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Hit on a motorcycle? Know what to expect

May 7, 2019
As you were traveling in your Pikeville neighborhood, a local who wasn't paying much attention backed out into your path. There was no time to avoid the crash, so you ended up hitting the side of their vehicle head-on. The...
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Who can a victim sue after an accident with a commercial vehicle?

Kentucky residents may own or lease the personal vehicles that they drive to get to work, school, and other places. Personal vehicles often hold a limited number of passengers and are primarily used for the individual needs of their owners...
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