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Motorcyclists in Kentucky: What Are the Dangers?

June 7, 2022
There are many motorcyclists throughout Kentucky, and these individual riders and passengers enjoy the overall process of experiencing the roadway without the confines of vehicle walls. However, motorcyclists do face increased risks, risks that other drivers do not regularly run...
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What is a “No-Contact” Motorcycle Accident?

June 28, 2021
When motorcyclists are on the roadway, the last thing that they expect is that they will be involved in an accident. When motorcycle accidents do occur, they typically involve collisions with other passenger vehicles. However, that is not always the...
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How To Read A Police Collision Report

Part One: An Introduction According to Forbes magazine, the average driver is involved in a traffic accident once every 18 years. That means most people will be involved in a collision multiple times in their lifetime, either as a driver...
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Are Helmets Required For Motorcyclists by Law In Kentucky?

January 6, 2020
According to information from the Kentucky Department of Transportation (DOT), there are approximately 122,000 registered motorcycles in the state. Motorcycles are popular methods of transportation, and riders should take steps to remain safe on the roadway. There is no single...
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What should a victim do after a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycles are popular modes of transportation for many Lexington residents. While some individuals prefer to have the solid structures of motor vehicles around them, others relish the opportunity to be closer to the open road while on their motorcycles. However,...
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