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Misdiagnoses common for some conditions

Individuals in Kentucky who are considering a medical malpractice suit may have suffered a missed or delayed diagnosis, and it may have been for a condition that is commonly diagnosed erroneously or not at all. Conditions that are life-threatening as...
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Experts call for CDC medical error reporting

Kentucky medical patients might be interested to find out that medical experts have called for Congress to take action against preventable injuries and deaths in medical facilities. On July 17, doctors and medical professors urged the government to mandate that...
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Man treated for Lyme disease after 10-month struggle

Kentucky residents may have heard about one man's search for correct treatment of his Lyme disease that nearly lasted for an entire year. According to the news source, an associate professor of music business at Berklee College of Music in...
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2.8 million vehicles under airbag recall

Kentucky residents may be relieved to hear that they are not located in a region where high absolute humidity affects the airbags in some Nissan, Mazda and Honda vehicles. On June 23, the three Japanese automakers issued recalls that involve...
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