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Who is Liable for Wrong-Site Surgery?

May 7, 2022
When it comes to surgery, there are various types of errors that absolutely should not occur. This includes mistakes like leaving foreign objects inside of a person’s body, using too much or too little medication, or operating at the wrong...
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Who is Liable for Injuries Caused by a Recalled Product?

Recalls enable manufacturers to remove a product from the market with recognized manufacturing or design defects and provide a solution to consumers who have been harmed as a result of the defect. Some product recalls are required by law.  When a product...
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How Can a Kentucky Philips CPAP Recall Lawyer Help?

Degraded foam from devices involved in the Philips CPAP recall may release a variety of harmful substances, according to lab testing conducted by Philips. Anyone who suffered the Philips CPAP side effects while using a recalled Philips Bi-PAP, CPAP, or...
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