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Loss of limb is a traumatic experience for an accident victim

February 26, 2018
When a car accident happens, a Kentucky victim may face a range of possible injuries and damages. This blog has previously discussed some of the catastrophic injuries that can result when victims suffer brain injuries, spinal injuries and other serious...
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Legislator proposes bill to warn of chemicals in kids’ toiletries

February 20, 2018
Many little girls in Kentucky enjoy opening up their mothers' make-up kits and playing with the fantastic supplies found therein. From lipsticks and eye shadows to concealers and mascaras, make-up products have been developed to enhance the natural beauty that...
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What types of paralysis can result from spinal cord injuries?

February 15, 2018
A spinal cord injury can be one of the most devastating types of harm that a Kentucky resident can suffer. This is because damage to the spinal cord and spinal column can result in paralysis. Paralysis occurs when a person...
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The pre-ride checklist for motorcyclists

February 13, 2018
Motorcyclists face the worst dangers of anyone on the road. One false move and it can spell disaster for a biker traveling at high speeds down the road. For this reason, bikers need to take every precaution available before they...
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Children are often the victims of pedestrian accidents

Kentucky parents do their best to teach their children how to be safe. One of the biggest lessons that they try to impart to their kids is how to safely cross the street. However, even when a child has been...
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