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Pharmaceutical workers charged for 2012 meningitis outbreak

Kentucky patients who were diagnosed with fungal meningitis or spine and joint infections within the past few years may be interested to learn that workers at a pharmaceutical company were charged on Dec. 17 for selling contaminated steroids. The report...
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Skull fractures in car accidents

One possible outcome of a car accident or any other severe, trauma-inducing incident is a skull fracture. Kentucky residents might benefit from being aware of the physical characteristics of a skull fracture, the long-term prognosis for healing or debility and...
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Action taken to eliminate paperwork requirement for truckers

December 22, 2014
Truck drivers in Kentucky and throughout the rest of the U.S. are no longer required to file the amount of paperwork once expected of them. According to U.S. Transportation, a rule that took effect on Dec. 18 waives the daily...
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Decline in hospital errors

Kentucky residents might be interested to learn about a recent federal report showing that U.S. hospitals are making fewer mistakes. According to the report that was released on Dec. 2, there was a 17 percent decline in preventable hospital errors...
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Some at greater risk for drinking and driving than others

Drivers in Kentucky likely know that drinking and driving is illegal but do not have all the important safety information regarding this issue. The amount of U.S. adults that have admitted to driving while impaired by alcohol totals 112 million...
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