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How long do I have to file a lawsuit for a vehicle accident?

It only takes a moment for a life-altering car accident to change the course of a Kentucky resident's life. However, they may spend the rest of their days coping with their injuries and resulting disabilities. As they learn to live...
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FDA issues warning about teething products for babies

May 27, 2018
As technology has made medical breakthroughs and advances not just possible but commonplace, the scientific community has striven to eliminate some of the side effects of natural processes that people find to be a nuisance.Have cramps each month? Take a...
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Different symptoms are associated with different levels of TBI

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a victim suffers a blow to the head or a penetration injury to the skull. Kentucky residents can become victims of these often serious injuries when they are involved in car accidents, work-related incidents...
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Concentrated caffeine products being taken off of the market

Coffee is a popular morning drink for many Kentucky residents. Some enjoy the warm feeling of the mug in their hands, while others may enjoy breathing in the earthy smell of a fresh cup of joe. However, for most people,...
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Carefully collect evidence for a personal injury claim

May 13, 2018
In the aftermath of a car accident, many complex issues demand a victim's attention simultaneously. This can often lead to needless suffering and the victim missing out on important opportunities when they need them most. Of course, victims must receive...
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