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April 2016 Archives

One dead, one injured in truck accident

People hit the roads in Kentucky with thousands of other drivers every day. Unfortunately, this means that they put themselves at risk of getting into an accident, which is an inevitable side effect of sharing the road. Sometimes, these accidents can even be deadly, leaving family members wondering what happened.

What are some workplace electrocution hazards?

As an employee in Kentucky, you have the right to work in a safe environment where you do not feel fearful for your physical well-being. However, workplace accidents can still occur, and some of them can be quite severe. We at Gary C. Johnson understand that you wish to be as knowledgeable as possible regarding all potential workplace hazards, including electrocution.

Who is responsible for medical negligence?

As a patient in Kentucky, you deserve the best medical treatment and care. Unfortunately, we at Gary C. Johnson know that isn’t always the case. Whether through intentional or accidental neglect, problems can happen, and those problems may be harmful to you. But how do you pinpoint where the blame falls?

Can an accident cause a stroke?

All drivers in Kentucky, yourself included, have the unfortunate possibility of getting into an accident someday. You may be wondering what injuries you could face if you ever get into a crash. However, did you know that sometimes, injuries can occur days or even weeks after an accident?

What are some construction site hazards?

As a construction worker in Kentucky, you are likely well aware of the dangers that come along with your job. While even perfect maintenance unfortunately can’t prevent every accident, there are a number of hazards that can be avoided through preparation, planning and following rules.

How can you avoid Kentucky truck accidents?

As a motorist in Kentucky, it is likely that you regularly share the road with commercial trucks. Unfortunately, however, collisions involving these large vehicles are all too common. The Kentucky State Police reported that there were 7,442 trucking accidents across the state in 2012, the most recent year for which statistics were available. While not all such wrecks can be prevented, there are some things that you can do to help avoid being involved in a crash with a tractor trailer.