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Has your medicine been tampered with?

Kentucky residents such as yourself may need medication for many reasons, whether it’s to regulate pain, to help with sickness or discomfort, to correct vitamin deficiency, or so on. So how can you be sure that the medication you’re purchasing hasn’t been tampered with?

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services provides a number of signs to look out for if you are concerned that your medication has been tampered with. The first and easiest suggestion is for all buyers to carefully check the outer packaging before they purchase something. If a box is torn or opened, or if any of the safety plastic is missing, you should leave the bottle with a store manager and select a different one for purchase. Be sure to check for potential cuts or slices as well.

After you have checked the outer packaging, you should also carefully check the interior packaging. Make sure that there isn’t anything strange inside of the package. Double check the pills to make sure they look the way they should. Keep an eye out for any pills that don’t match the others in your package. Make sure that you do these checks and read the labels every time you take your dosage, and never take any medication in the dark. Always survey it carefully beforehand, even if you have taken it a hundred times before. Finally, check the over the counter medication for instructions on how to tell if there has been tampering.

In following these tips, you will be able to detect if your medicine has potentially been tampered with and keep yourself protected from harm.

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