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2 people injured in Carter County truck accident

December 22, 2015

When an accident occurs between a tractor trailer and a passenger vehicle, it is important for law enforcement to determine what caused it. This includes checking the truck for any mechanical issues, conducting tests that measure alcohol or drug in the blood, talking to witnesses, and looking into how the trucking company manages its employees and fleet vehicles.

Authorities suspect that medical issues may have been the cause of a recent accident involving a tractor trailer on a highway in Carter County. The details are sketchy but a passenger vehicle was struck by the tractor trailer that was transporting metal poles. It is unclear of what the medical problem was or whether officers were looking at other potential causes.

The trucker and driver of the passenger vehicle were injured but the extent of the injuries is unknown. Additionally, there was no word on what their overall condition is – it was stated that they were transported to a nearby hospital. No other victims were reported.

A tractor trailer’s larger size can inflict serious injury on people in passenger vehicles. These injuries can leave them unable to work or enjoy life as they used to. They can also create many challenges that include accumulating medical debt and the inability to pay bills. However, people do have options and one of those options is to seek legal counsel. An attorney can explain to them the types of compensation that they may be eligible for, assess the extent of the financial damages caused by the other party’s actions and negotiate with insurance companies on their behalf.

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