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All 50 states to include tire maintenance information in official driver training materials

Motor vehicle accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, some reasons beyond the control of the driver. In most cases, however, there is some human error at play. One potential cause of accidents is failure to properly maintain a motor vehicle. This is a common issue among commercial carriers, but it can come up with any accident.

Tire safety is a particularly important issue to keep in mind with respect to motor vehicle maintenance. Many people don’t give much thought to questions like tire tread and tire inflation until they encounter problems, such a icy road conditions which make proper treading critical. Unfortunately, many new drivers do not receive clear information about tire maintenance as part of their driers’ safety training. 

Fortunately, all 50 states have recently committed to including clear and consistent information about tire maintenance in state-mandated training information provided to new drivers. Hopefully, when this is implemented, a greater percentage of new drivers will understand how to avoid the risks associated with failure to maintain tires.

Tire maintenance is certainly critical to preventing unnecessary crashes, but so is maintenance of brakes, turn signals, vehicle lights, and other parts and equipment. Drivers who fail to maintain their vehicles can put other motorists at risk. When their negligence results in harm to other motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians, they can and should be held accountable for compensating those who are injured.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents have the right to be fairly compensated for their injuries. Working with an experienced attorney helps ensure their interests are zealously represented against those who harmed them. In our next post, we’ll look at the issue of tire blowouts and why it is critical to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to building the strongest possible case.