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Alleged drunk driver strikes woman in Kentucky crosswalk

An accident in Kentucky in the early hours of Dec. 28 seriously injured a Louisville woman when a driver allegedly struck her in a crosswalk. The driver was charged with wanton endangerment, driving with a license suspended and DUI, according to Louisville Metro Police. His bond was set at $10,000, and a judge ordered the 46-year-old not to drive.

The car accident happened at the intersection of Westport Road and Frankfort Avenue. According to a witness, when the 22-year-old woman crossed the street with her boyfriend, they had a green light. The suspect allegedly ran the red light and struck the woman with his vehicle, barely missing her boyfriend. Witnesses said that the impact thrust the woman onto the windshield, and she rolled up onto the top of the vehicle. The driver reportedly did not stop but proceeded to keep driving with the victim still on the hood before he was stopped by other pedestrians who blocked the road.

The young woman was transported to a local hospital for treatment of injuries that included a right shoulder fracture. Police say that the man’s BAC registered at .351 percent, which is more than four times the legal limit.

When a driver does not act in a responsible manner on Kentucky roadways, and chooses to drive after drinking, it may cause serious injury to other individuals. As a result, an injured individual may be faced with lost wages, medical bills and lengthy recuperation time. An attorney may review accident reports and witness accounts to assist an individual harmed by a negligent driver by filing a personal injury suit in an attempt to recover monetary losses.

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