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Are you too fatigued to drive?

December 3, 2015

If you’re a Kentucky trucker, you may have to deal with tightly packed schedules that can make it tempting to drive on little or no sleep. However, driving while sleepy can be just as dangerous as driving while under the influence. So just how tired is too tired to get behind the wheel?

The Street recently stated that there are several signs to look for before getting into a car when feeling tired. When the following symptoms begin to show, it is dangerous for you to continue on your routes, and it is instead recommended that you get some rest first. Physical manifestations of exhaustion can include:

  •          Stinging or burning eyes
  •          Rubbing at eyes consistently or finding it hard to keep them open
  •          Yawning
  •          Having difficulty raising your head or keeping your eyes on the road

You should also consider pulling over for a rest if you are having difficulty following the rules of the road. This can include accidental tailgating or speeding, swerving in between lanes, missing traffic signs, hitting rumble strips or running through red lights. You can become more reckless the more fatigued you get, which can increase your chances of getting into an accident.

Other signs of tiredness are mental. They can include feeling irritable, snappish or restless. If you are exhausted, you may also have difficulty concentrating on the road. Additionally, if you struggle to remember the last few minutes of road that you have driven down, this is an indication that you may need to take a break.

If one or more of the above symptoms are present, then you may be considered too fatigued to drive.